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ferrari 03-11-2006 01:33 PM

Halo 2 Game Saves Database
The Gamesaves Thread has been rehosted on my own server. Please send me your gamesaves that you would like rehosted. All of the current gamesaves are on this page, so you don't have to worry about dead links and the disappointment that is associated with it. PM with any new gamesaves.

The Halo 1 Gamesaves Thread
Do NOT ask stupid questions, such as what is AR or how to use it without reading the tutorial. Thank you
This is my content pages version, Please look.
Here is the original post in the archives.
Updated More Streamlined Version on My Personal Website
Please tell me if you see something incorrect, and if you do, please report it like this: Level: Save Name or Description, Link(s).

Xbox 360 Users
I just found an Xbox 360 Transfer Kit from Datel that is supposed to allow you to transfer saves that would be on your Xbox or computer and transfer them to your Xbox 360. I found it at Gamestop last night while replacing my Xbox.

What is possible for a gamesave:

Originally Posted by Agent ME
To put it simply on what can and can't be done - Checkpoint saves save the state of things, NOT the behavior of how things act.

IE - if I mod it so there are hundreds of elites on the metro bridge that all can run really fast, and I save it, only the state of the world near the player is saved - i.e., the positions of all the elites get saved, but how they work is NOT saved, i.e., how fast they run. So if an unmodded Xbox was going to use the save, there'd be several hundred NORMAL SPEED elites on the bridge.

However the state of things includes their momentum, so if one was moving at the time of the save, there's a chance a few elites might zoom by the player for a second or two when the save is used on a regular Xbox.

Also, you cannot have a save the includes anything that is not originally in the map, such as Tartarus in any level besides The Great Journey. And you cannot have a save where you are dual-wielding weapons. You can also ONLY have gametype gamesaves for multiplayer.

the zack found a way to get your gamesaves onto your Xbox 360. Thanks :)

Unknown Level Saves (need testing)
Thank you to Enanito for taking care of the most recent saves.

Save Packs (Unzip them to reveal saves)
Fuel's Saves: Link 1 l Link 2 l Link 3 l Video of the 12: Mythica Link
Agent ME's Saves: Link 1
Punk Rock's Saves: Link 1
ALL of the campaign saves: Link 1 Warning, 102mb File new
ALL campaign saves in parts: Part 1 l Part 2
Destroyer's 7 Save Pack: Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4

I have not tested or made codejunkies links of any of these, so be patient, I will try and get that done soon.

If you don't already have it, here is AR version 1.40: Version 1.40

Note, I now make campaign saves.

All of the new saves have new after them.

If you have made a gamesave that you would like me to add, either PM me or post it here. And for everyone else, I have made a tutorial on how to use AR/get the save on AR if you don't know how to. (tutorial on bottom of page)

Format: Codejunkies Link is link 1 l Other link is Link 2
If one or the other doesn't exist, there will be no link to it. Also, links to xbox.hackathome.com have been removed because NONE of them work. I can't even find the base website anymore. Sorry. And along with that, nearly all of the other Link 2's have been removed because those websites tend to dump older files. So, if the link is still not working, tell me and I'll do my best to get another link up. I have nearly all of the saves on my Xbox.

Creators: ferrari, Dojorkan, superaison, Legendary Death0, flechette, Thuggalo420DL, Agent ME, E.L.I.T.E., theneighborkid, Rooster_Cogburn, Taso, JuicyThat Guy, SpankyMcTrolly, Nynjar, fuel, Nightshiveryour, Samusaaron3, Drock, Cheeze, HolyIntervention, Ultamis, Destroyer699, xXxCocoFangxXx, psychomonkey62, GSmiles. Your name here.

Special Thanks: Nightshiver, for making the filehost save packs; fuel for making the video of his 12 fuel saves, Enanito for pointing out errors and describing the 2 challenge saves in detail and testing them.

Out of level with unnamed skull: Link 1 by theneighborkid.
Explore Armory: Link 1 | Link 2 (Original Link)
On Top of the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon: Link 1 by Ultamis.
Slow Gameplay: Link 2 by ferrari. New type of gamesave

Cairo Station
Fly the Banshee: Link 1
Invisibility: Link 1
Use Warthogs 1: Link 1
Use Warthogs 2: Link 1
Inside the E3 Airlock Room: Link 1 l Movie by GSmiles.
Play as an ODST: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Explore Cairo Station Link 1 | Link 2
Start in the E3 Airlock Room (activate Sputnik first): Link 2 | Video
Infinite Health: Link 2
In the E3 Airlock Room: Link 2 | Link 3 by xXxCocoFangxXx.
The marine called "Guns" invincible with dumb elites: Link 2 by ferrari.
Inside of a Covenant Boarding Craft: Link 2 by Destroyer699.
Inside of the Tram At the Beginning: Link 2 by Destroyer699.
Epic Battle With Invincibility: Link 2 | Link 3 by xXxCocoFangxXx.

Fly the Phantom: Link 1
Fly the Pelican: Link 1
Invisibility: Link 1
Sarge in a Warthog: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Scarab Gun: Link 1 by Legendary Death0.
Heretic Marines: Link 1 by Dojorkan
The Phantom Guns(a.k.a. Big Needlers): Link 1
Many Hunters on Outskirts: Link 1
Drive the Shadow: Link 1 by Agent ME.
Edited Pelican with Allies in it: Link 1 by Dojorkan
Shadow with Grunts in it: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Inside of a Small Window: Link 1 by Rooster_Cogburn.
Inside of a Big Window: Link 1 l Movie Link by Rooster_Cogburn.
Scarab Hog: Link 2 by SpankyMcTrolly.
Play as Miranda (infinite health) on Legendary: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Be a Jackal: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Be a Grunt, Normal: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Explore Outskirts 1 (before beach): Link 2
Explore Outskirts 2 (at the beach): Link 2

Scarab Gun v1: Link 1
Scarab Gun v2: Link 2 | Video
Invisibility: Link 1
Vehicle Collection That Spells Out Halo 2: Link 1 by superaison.
Scarab Gun at Beginning of Level on Legendary: Link 1
Dual Scarab Guns: Link 1(curretnly defective) l Link 2(also probably defective) Link added, thanks Legendary Death0.
Scarab Gun Infinite Health: Link 1
No Warthog Turret-Metropolis-Normal: Link 1 By Agent ME.
Flying a Pelican - Metropolis - Normal Difficulty: Link 1 By Agent ME.
Flying a Pelican - Metropolis - Normal Difficulty - Part 2 (After Tunnel): Link 1 By Agent Me.
Epic Battle, Snipers: Link 1 by Agent ME.
Scarab Hog and Cool Vehicles: Link 1 by Agent ME.
Epic Sword Elites Battle: Link 1
Dual Phantom Guns with Scarab Gun as Secondary on Legendary: Link 1 by unknown.
Infinite Sword: Link 1
Vehicle Collection on the Bridge: Link 1 by ferrari
Vehicle Collection After the Bridge: Link 1 by ferrari
Vehicle Collection After the Bridge v2: Link 1 by ferrari
Epic Needler Battle: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Explore Metropolis 1 (on the bridge): Link 1 | Link 2
Explore Metropolis 2 (after the bridge): Link 1 | Link 2
Dual Wield Scarab Gun, Just Fly Up To The One On The Bridge: Link 2 by psychomonkey62.
15% Gravity: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 by Agent ME.
Super-Sonic Banshee: Link 2 by ferrari.
Vehicle Collection At The Start of Metropolis: Link 2 by Destroyer699.
Fast Game Play: Link 2 by xXxCocoFangxXx. (link does not work)
On Top Of The Bridge With Stuff: Link 2 | Link 3 by xXxCocoFangxXx.

The Arbiter
Challenge Save 1: Link 1 by (gamer tag) KickButtUnggoy.
Challenge Save 2: Link 1 by (gamer tag) KickButtUnggoy.
Explore The Arbiter: Link 2
Standing in front of the Heretic Leader: Link 2 by xXxCocoFangxXx.

Oracle Glass Tunnels: Link 1 by Rooster_Cogburn.
Be the Heretic Leader, Normal: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Infinite Sword: Link 1
Explore The Oracle: Link 2

Delta Halo
Fly the Banshee: Link 1
Invisibility: Link 1
Jackal Shield: Link 1
Drivable Pelican: Link 1
Grunts Have RL's: Link 1
All Enemies Are Grunts: Link 1
Jackal Are Allies: Link 1 by Dojorkan
Grunts and Elites Are Allies: Link 1 l Link 2
Holographic MC on Legendary (Can't Move): Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Be A Crewman on Legendary: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Vehicle Collection Under Extending Bridge: Link 1 by ferrari
Vehicle Collection on Bridge with a banshee and invisibility: Link 1 by ferrari
Explore Delta Halo 1: Link 1 | Link 2
Explore Delta Halo 2: Link 1 | Link 2

Invisibility: Link 1
Fly the Prophet Chair: Link 1 l Link 2 Note: The *Be a Ghost of Regret* save was just a save after you get
out of the chair. Also, just don't die.
The Green Orb on Regret: Link 1 by Taso.
Fly the Banshee: Link 1 by Halo-2-Xlink.
On top of Regret Towers, After Gondola: Link 1 by Rooster_Cogburn
On top of Regret Towers, the Island Tower: Link 1 by Rooster_Cogburn.
Fly the Banshee, Beginning: Link 1
'Hi Ben' Save: Link 1 made by Rooster_Cogburn, found by M0N3y 5H07.
Infinite Rocket Ammo, Lots Of Grenades: Link 1 by unknown.
Infinite Sword: Link 1

Sacred Icon
Herbie: Link 1 by E.L.I.T.E.
Fly the Prophet Chair: Link 1 by Halo-2-Xlink.
Dual Phantom Guns: Link 1 by aaa.
Be a Sentinel on Legendary (Flies and holds weapons): Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Be a Sentinel on Legendary, Fly Through Walls: Link 2 by Nynjar
On top of the Level: Link 1 by Samusaaron3.
Play as Prophet Mercy: Link 1 by Dojorkan.

Quarantine Zone
Fly the Prophet Chair: Link 1
Flood Are Allies: Link 1
Fly the Pelican: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Play as an ODST: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Inside of the Index Chamber with Invincibility: Link 2 by ferrari. Original idea by xXxCocoFangxXx.

Invisibility: Link 1
3 Surviving Marines in Mausoleum of the Arbiter: Link 1 by E.L.I.T.E.
Grunts and Elites are Allies: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Be a Ranger Elite, Legendary: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel

Brutes are Allies: Link 1 by Dojorkan.
Play as MC: Link 1 by Dojorkan.

High Charity
Invisibility: Link 1
Jackal Shield: Link 1
Flood Juggernaut: Link 1
Be A Flood Juggernaut on High Charity: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel

The Great Journey
Final Checkpoint, Legendary: Official Save
Final Checkpoint, Heroic: Official Save
Final Checkpoint, Normal: Official Save
Final Checkpoint, Easy: Official Save
Invincibility to Weapons Fire: Link 1
6 Tartarus's: Link 1
2 Ghosts and Spec Ops Elite on Top of the Zen Garden: Link 1 l Link 2 by flechette
Two Marines in the Control Room: Link 1
Weird walkways into the sky: Link 1 l Movie Link by theneighborkid.
Near Floating Objects: Link 1 by Legendary Death0.
Ghost on top of the Cliff: Link 1 by Rooster_Cogburn.
Be Tartarus (Don't get in the side seat of Spectre, NO hammer) Normal: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Be Tartarus WITH Hammer, Normal: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Be a Radio Marine, Normal: Link 1 l Link 2 by fuel
Infinite Sword: Link 1
Spec Ops Leader in Control Room in GJ: Link 1 by ferrari
Vehicle Collection With Two Heretic Banshees: Link 1 by ferrari
On Top Of the Control Room Next To Rex at Start: Link 2 by Destroyer699.

Multiplayer Gametypes
King of the Hill: Hill Moves Every Second
Instant Spawn
Territories Instant Capture
Instant Arm Assault Reports of Being Corrupted
Extremely Long Bomb Arm Time I guess it is really is instant arm
Hudless Slayer
Hudless Territories by Rooster_Cogburn.
Hudless Oddball by Rooster_Cogburn.
Hudless KOTH by Rooster_Cogburn.
Hudless Assault by Rooster_Cogburn.
Hudless CTF by Rooster_Cogburn.
Hudless Juggernaut by Rooster_Cogburn.
Fast Vehicle Respawn by Rooster_Cogburn.
4 Tanks for Coagulation, Waterworks, and Containment.
Combo Training, Instant Respawn
Ghost Recon, Instant Respawn
Melee Training, Instant Respawn
Tricking, Instant Respawn
No Starting Weapon by ferrari.

All Levels Unlocked: Official Save
Unlimited Health All Levels by ThatJuicyGuy (Must unzip the folder to reveal saves)(probably defective cause rapidshare dumps files periodically)
Takes on Party Leader’s Name
The Auto-Reload Gamesave (since the AU, I don't think it will cause any harm)

Unnamed Activated Right in Front Of You, Look at Sarge Too: Link 2 by ferrari.
Grunt Birthday Party
Assassins Skull
Instant Famine: Link 2 by ferrari.
Black Eye
Black Eye v2 by Drock
I Would Have Been Your Daddy
IWHBYD Barricade w/invisibility, vehicles, and marines by ferrari
IWHBYD Super (same as previous save with one elite alive): Link 2 by ferrari.

PAL Section

Gun the giant Covie turret from the Halo 2 teaser on the beach: Link 1 by Cheeze.

The Prophet of Regret out of his chair, lots of ammo: Link 1 by HolyIntervention.

Play as a Flood Combat Form: Link 2 by Cheeze.

The Great Journey
Play as Miranda at the beginning: Link 2 by Cheeze.
Play as Miranda in the Control Room: Link 1by HolyIntervention.
Play as a giant-flood sized Tartarus: Link 1 by HolyIntervention.

AR Tutorial

Getting the saves on the AR dashboard:
1)Open AR
2)Select the save and drag it onto the PC database section

Getting the saves onto your Xbox:
1)Drag the save over onto the memory card section
2)Put the memory card into your controller
3)Turn on your Xbox and eject the DVD tray so the game doesn't start
4)Go into the memory section on your Xbox's dashboard
5)Select the memory card, select the save, and then click copy, then copy to your Xbox
6)Start the game

1)Make sure your USB port is plugged into your computer
2)Make sure your Xbox has the DVD tray open
3)If you don't have a USB port or program, click here for a tutorial for the USB adapter, click here to download AR program.

If you are still having problems, try checking the FAQ.
And if you are missing something, like information to read the USB port or might not be able to install the program properly, try checking here.

European Gamesaves:
Here is a link so you can download the EU AR program.

If you have further questions, you can PM me, or you can email me at ferrari24@earthlink.net, you will have to wait for me to check my Suspect Spam folder, because I am getting loaded with perverted spam mail, and I have all my email filtered, unless you reply to the auto response.

For all of you who go to www.codejunkies.com and check out the saves for yourself, please see this before asking if a save is safe to download, this is taken directly from their site: (specifically talking about softmods, etc...)


Originally Posted by Codejunkies.com
WARNING: Do NOT use any save with "Linux", "Evox", "UnleashX", "Installer", (or similar) in the save description / save title; these saves may modify or erase crucial system files on your Xbox hard drive when loaded, and WILL cause you to be banned from the Xbox Live service! Due to the overwhelming success and growth of our Xbox Action Replay Community Saves section we are unable to moderate every Community save found on www.codejunkies.com or through the Xbox Action Replay PC software, therefore Datel is not responsible for any "undesired effects" a save may have on your Xbox Hardware or Xbox Live Service Account. USE ALL COMMUNITY SAVES AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Attention Xbox Live Service Subscribers: Datel Design & Development is not responsible for, does not condone, nor do we support the use of any save files which may allow you to cheat online / alter an online gaming experience. According to the Xbox Live ToS (Terms of Service), playing Xbox games online through Xbox Live with any "modified content" is a bannable offense. To avoid the possibility of being permanently banned from Xbox Live, remove any save that may contain modified save information BEFORE connecting to the Xbox Live online service!
(this means hudless gametypes, sorry!)

I will not return emails or PMs either if
  1. You do not have AR,
  2. You do not have a memory card,
  3. You have a common sense question (IE: "How do you transfer saves?" or "Where can I buy AR or its components?"),
  4. You do not have an adapter, or
  5. You have not looked through the troubleshooter where instructions have been posted, or if you do not read this or any other part of the post or don't at least glance at your instruction manual if you have AR...
  6. You do not use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization...
If you ask anyways, I'll just ignore you. Try looking on http://www.codejunkies.com/ is the only advice that I will give, in this post, not a new one.

Attention Gamesave Makers With A Modded Xbox
I just started working on a program that will allow you to faster get your gamesaves onto your computer and into AR. All you need to do is copy the folder UDATA\4d530064\[save file] to your computer somehow, and then run this program, zip up the file, and place it into AR without having to deal with memory cards. If you would like this program when it is done, just PM me and I'll send you a link to it when it is finished. You also need a program called Python, which can be found on this website.

Gamesaves Guru.

ferrari 03-11-2006 01:38 PM

Official Quests, Tournies, Updates, Contests, and Misc Section
Reserved for future.... things that the title says.

Gamesaves Guru.

princeofthesword 03-11-2006 05:47 PM

Shazzam! This thread rocks, thanks for bringing it back over ferrari. :D

crosseyes 03-11-2006 08:38 PM

Yes, I've been waiting for this to return. There is a save I never got to download from the old HIH. I want the IWHBYD super-save, you know the one where you have active camo and there is one elite left in front of you with one hit left. Do you have that one? It was in the official skull thread. I might look around the main site for it later when I have my AR-compatable laptop.

ferrari 03-11-2006 10:27 PM

I never heard of that save, but I have my own with unlimited cammo, and a nice weapons cache with marines and vehicles included.

Anyways, thanks for the re-sticky. If I ever mod my old broken Xbox (by that I mean the MSDash is gone, so hardmodding will fix it), I will do save requests.

Also, do you want me to bring back the Halo 1 Gamesaves Thread? Maybe I'll get a sticky on that finally.

Gamesaves Guru.

Ash 03-12-2006 12:57 AM

Just thought I might add - I made the Banshee at the beginning of Regret save, for the Hi Ben search. :)

RandomCTG 03-12-2006 01:12 AM

Nice to bring this back man

the lobo 03-12-2006 02:12 AM

this is a beautiful thread. :)

the lobo 03-12-2006 02:22 AM

i don't think you understand how beautiful this is. infact, i think i just jizzed in my pants.

ferrari 03-12-2006 02:23 AM

Then why didn't you tell me this back at the old HIH, a couple of months ago? It's not that I think you are lying, I am just not going to say that you made them until you can prove that you did. I can also see how easy it would be to make those types of saves. Just change the spawn ammo and nades, then get a checkpoint. Spawn a vehicle, get in it, then get a checkpoint. I really need to get a mod for my Xbox.

And people really need to put their name on their saves when they upload them.


Originally Posted by the lobo
i don't think you understand how beautiful this is. infact, i think i just jizzed in my pants.

Please, please don't spam this thread.

Gamesaves Guru.

Drock 03-12-2006 02:21 PM

I've got a better save for the Black Eye skull if you want it. It's directly over the skull so all you have to do is load it up and then hit X.


And FileFront:

Sorry, I don't know how to make the link look like "Link 1| Link 2".

Hope you like the save though! I've got more like this if you want them.

ferrari 03-12-2006 09:22 PM

Thanks, I'll add it a little later when I get the Fully Updated Version back.

Gamesaves Guru.

Enanito 03-12-2006 11:22 PM

Great stuff Ferrari. However, I noticed a couple errors with some of the Multiplayer Gametypes.

The "Instant Arm Time" assault game has an error. The file's corrupted and can't be started as a game.

The "Extremely Long Bomb Arm Time" assault game is actually an Instant Arm game.

Hope it helps...would be nice to see an actual long bomb arm time game.

Ben McA 03-15-2006 03:33 PM

I have a IWHBYD w/Inf Camo for PAL / Eu users if you want to stick it up here.

ferrari 03-15-2006 05:40 PM

I might make a seperate section for PAL saves sometime, but I'm busy now.

Gamesaves Guru.

crosseyes 03-17-2006 07:28 PM

You say you'll be accepting save requests, even modded ones? hmm...I'm sure people would like a pack where you could float (like the sentinal save) at the beggining of each level.

Also, the 'heretic leader' save for The Arbiter is messed up. What is it anyways?

ferrari 03-18-2006 06:07 PM

I have the heretic one on my computer, and when I tried it it worked just fine for me.

I will have to check to see if the floating save that I have right now on Metropolis even works without playing off of the modded map.

Also, I just would like to point out, that I am not going to be accepting filefront, megaupload, or rapidshare links anymore because they are too much of a hassle. I will accept download links from personal websites though.

Gamesaves Guru.

crosseyes 03-18-2006 08:22 PM

You need my Oracle PR save then. I'll get it in a second. And I mean that the LINK to the H-leader thing is messed up. You have "link%201" instead of what it should be. I guess you messed up the URL tags.

Oh, and...

Challenge one: You have infinite health. There are several heretics coming at you. It is on the arbiter. INCOMPLETE

Challenge two: I don't think you have infinite health. Your in a banshee on the arbiter right at the hanger. Heretics will come out the door. Kill all of them, then go inside and clean out the rest. COMPLETE

The hard part is that getting hit in the back kills you.

ferrari 03-18-2006 11:16 PM

OK, I don't know how to make myself invincible. I tried to, but for some reason even the act of pulling the trigger on my test kills you. I also cannot figure how to make it so that other people can fly who don't have a modded Xbox.

I cannot yet pilot phantoms/pelicans. I am working on finding a tutorial. I can feel that I am getting close too. When I get home I'll work on this further, because for now I am not at home on vacation. I won't be on until tomorrow, bye.

Gamesaves Guru.

ialsolovebees 03-22-2006 02:35 PM

I'm pretty new to gamesaves... how would I get these saves onto my REGULAR old NONMODDED Xbox? Eh?

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