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HelloSayGoodbye 12-25-2009 02:42 AM

Christmas Lottery Winner: Sooner34
1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well there's not much to explain, girls dig me because of my looks. Guys think I'm swell because I'm "down with the latest trends." God loves me. My parents don't... I've only made out with 46.2 women. I do not kiss on the first date, I think it's morally demeaning and women should be treated with respect. My nose is brown. I like to take long walks on the beach and talk about current issues and drink non-alcoholic beverages. I always buckle my seat-belt, not only to be cool, but to prevent injury and/ or death of me and/ or my passenger. The chicken came first because I said so. There's no reason a tree would fall without someone hearing it. Whoever comes up with such questions has no time on his/ her hands. I once tried to save the rain forest... I failed. I like to dress up in women's clothing and run around while singing Elton John. But last, everything I said was not true... Except for wearing women's clothing. Feels good man

2. How did you find High Impact Halo, and when?

I found HIH in 2005, when I searched for "halo 2 secret skulls." And obviously, HIH had the how-to for every single skulls with pretty pictures and informative videos, so I stayed! I lurked for the end of V1 and joined a little later in V2. I mostly posted asking if what I had found was new. It never was. :(

3. What is it that you like about Halo tricks, and what kind of tricks are your favorite to do or see?

I love doing things that not a lot of people can do, or have ever done. My favorite tricks are definitely trick jumps. I looooove jumping. I started jumping right after Jump Tactics Headlong. I landed the S-Curve in about 30 minutes. I then set out to land every jump I could, which was a small number. :P I'm now a pretty decent jumper. At least, I'd like to think so. Lol.

4. Have you discovered any Halo tricks or glitches yourself?

I have a few jumps. That's about it... I started playing XBL a little to late to find anything remarkable.

5. What is your favorite game from the Halo Series?

Halo 2 by far. The best jumping, bouncing, REAL launching, and all the other glitches = best game ever. Halo 1 is my favorite game for slaying though.

6. What other hobbies do you have?

I love drumming. I also fingerboard. I looooove it.

7. If you could choose, what would you choose and why?

I would choose.
8. What is the first video game you ever played?

Duck Hunt. And Super Mario Bros. I loved my NES.

9. (From last week's winner) What is your favorite brand of socks? -Jamie Maddrox

Gold Toe.

10. If you could ask the next lottery winner one question, what would it be?

How long have you been waiting to win this thing?

Xwo 12-25-2009 04:31 AM

2005 and you've never been in a video?

<3333 Bart.


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