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The Trinity Crew 08-26-2006 03:34 AM

3 months in the making- KDproductions, No Limitations and Team Gnarly bring you..

Edited by forevercha0s

Total running time: 46 Minutes

Thanks to garbageman, we have a script that will weight out the downloads from all the different hosts so that one doesn't get more swamped than the other. So when you click the High or Medium res versions, it will redirect you to the best available host. Thank you garbageman!!!

WMV Hi-Res (380 MB)


WMV Medium-Res (166 MB)


WMV Low-Res (56k friendly)
Part 1 (TeamGnarly.com Hosted)
Part 2 (TeamGnarly.com Hosted)

Part 1 (Halo-Ring.org Hosted)
Part 2 (Halo-Ring.org Hosted)

Part 1 (Mythica.org Hosted)
Part 2 (Mythica.org Hosted)

Part 1 (halosting.net Hosted)
Part 2 (halosting.net Hosted)

Tricks performed by:

(Team Gnarly)
DollarPwnCenter Jr.
Impaled Fork
Chewy Flores

(No Limitations)
Grande Carne


A major thanks goes to the guys at www.Halo-Ring.org, www.ClanInfectionist.com, www.HaloSting.net, www.BadRouter.net, and Dark Helmet (www.helmetsstuff.com) for hosting a mirror for us! Thanks guys! Thanks also to Grumpy for uploading a FileFront Mirror as well!

Edit by POTS: Added Mythica, any other help anyone can give is greatly appreciated, thanks. :)

a28ozSlurpee 08-26-2006 03:36 AM

Will watch this, I've heard a lot about it.

EDIT: After waiting for a good 2 hours, it finally finished. I really liked this video mainly because it was launching. Launching is my most favorite part of tricking. Excellent job. I LOVED the music. Nice.

FooFoo 08-26-2006 03:36 AM

Wow, i'm so glad I could be a part of that, that was an amzing video. Great job guys, and great job to cha0s on editing. I'll go in-depth later.

MrOllie 08-26-2006 03:36 AM

Great Video. I loved some of the launches, even though they kinda got repetitive . Duelies and Dolla's stuff was impressive. Too much content cant be too good imo, it was hard to focus on a single thing. the only bad thing was KORHAL's halo 1 recreation. That was wayyyy to long.

Supernostro 08-26-2006 03:56 AM

Very cool movie. Launches were quite awesome, especially the ones on the bridge. There were some parts that went on for a bit too long but overall it was ownage.

theneighborrkid 08-26-2006 04:08 AM

Nice stuff guys, twas fun taking part in this, even if I joined in a little late... Gotta say nice job on a 45 Min vid. KORHALs segement was a we bit stretched imo. And I know there were a few of dollars things not put in, and there were a lot of 5 nade stacks that got a little repetitive but dang, they were all soo cool. With that aside, holy cow, the stuff in here = ZOMGROFLCOPTER! So many WOW moments in one vid, and a lot of creative things as well, Dollar, you really do pwn, I gotta hand it to you, you are an AMAZING tricker! So Enjoy this video, it truely is amazing.

I'm also going to use this post as my shout out section, haha.

- Everyone that took part in Trinity (and all that wanted to)
-Grumpy, you are a great guy, and a good example on these forums.
- POTS, had to add you, I hope you are doing well, I'll have to PM you soon.
- DollarpwnCenter & forevercha0s, you both talked to me a fair amount over AIM, and it was nice to get to talk to you a bit more than just postings at the gnarly website. You both challenged and inspired me to try new things.
- Nick, DominoEffect, SWAT Sniper, dantheman87, omg a fish, Grunt 117, the few people at halomods who take the time to deal with my noob-ness, and the HIH community as a whole.

EDIT: Just to clear a few things up about my stuff, incase there is ever any questions about it (which I doubt , but whatever) The banshee launch to the top of regrets temple, sputnik was NOT on. The two launches where I throw two gernades under a box and get a lot of air, that is all it is, there is no gernade pile under the box. Its quite a useful technique actually for air.

princeofthesword 08-26-2006 04:09 AM

This is a LONG movie, but no matter what you have to watch this. Fantastic new stuff, lots of Single Player stuff no one's ever done before, and just all-around fantastic tricking. If it takes you a while to download, it's worth it. If you have to watch it in chunks, do it, whatever it takes as long as you don't miss this stuff. Great music and great editing, and above all great tricking.

I had a ton of fun working on this. Getting to work with some of the best guys in the Campaign game was tremendous fun as a trickster, but even more I found that this is the heart and soul of what makes HIH what it is. We're "competing" clans, yet we worked together. We're allies and friends, in this purely for the fun and friendship of the community that HIH has fostered.

It's a long, crazyass movie, but THIS is what Campaign tricking and HIH is all about. We hope you enjoy.

And to you guys who worked on the vid, this stuff is SICK. I can't believe the stuff you pulled off. I loved everything, but I have to point out Enanito's corner-slide with four 360's and quite possibly the longest slide ever. Just... fantastic stuff guys, truly fantastic. Skeletor... you owned the five-stack like a crazy person. SP action FTW!! Fantastic work man, this slaughtered some of the SP stuff left. Dollar, you are a SICK man. Sick. EVERYONE: I love you guys.

... My stuff had to be among "most pointless tricks evah" category ... but it was fun. I hope we can fall-time in H3.

EDIT: If you can, try to download the hi-res version. If you CAN'T, PLEASE download whatever you can. Don't be turned away because of the size, it's worth it. "Big for a reason" I say.

Just wanted to say also, fantastic editing from forevercha0s. :D

We're needing mirrors! I'm uploading the lo-res to Mythica, but if someone with a 360 uploads account wants to help put it there, please feel free. Anywhere else you want as well, even filefront and rapidshare. We just don't want to kill Halo Ring and Team Gnarly.

EDIT AGAIN: One final note... to those of you saying there are too many five-stacks, go try one. I can't do the bloody thing. Skeletor can do them one in three, and the rest of this outfit is great at it. It's hard as heck, and it's the "easiest" way to get that much air in Single Player in Campaign. Don't rag it, it's like a nade pile, and I've NEVER heard anyone complain that there were "too many nade pile launches."

Any other constructive complaints you have are appreciated. "Too many five-stacks" I simply won't tolerate. :P

EDIT ONE MO' TIME: Seems no one complained of five stacks, that must've been elsewhere. HA! It still stands. I shall smite thee if you complain of five stacks, that I shall. With a fish.

Shadowclaw 08-26-2006 04:15 AM


sorry, that's just the first thing that came to mind. that was truley awesome. Great creativity, great launches, great...EVERYTHING. I'm keeping the high res one :D:D:D. Once I get my breath back, I'll probably edit some more. But before then, WOW

EDIT: I just wanted to say, I really loved how you played with the loadpoints, it must have taken a lot of prescision. That's why I love campaign tricking so much :)

grumpy 08-26-2006 04:31 AM

Great stuff. It's worth taking the time to see. There was soooo much going on it's hard to describe. wow.

HaLo2FrEeEk 08-26-2006 04:49 AM

downloading...downloading...DOWNLOA DING (hi res, plus two bitcomet tasks hogging 300kbps of my dl speed...)
will edit. sounds amazing.

edit: O.O that was simply amazing, jam packed full of stuff, words can't describe what I felt when watching that, amazing work everyone involved, amazing A/V coordination, amazing music, superb editing, great job, 12/10. I've noticed from several of forevercha0s' movies that he favors instrumental, and vocalizing in the music he uses, I like this kind of music. You should consider the Star Wars soundtrack, I noticed that you have used music from the Spiderman 1 & 2 OST, and from PoTC, you use it fantastically, I'll say it again, great job. To anyone who is hesitating because of the size, I'll repeat what POTS said, don't, it took me an hour to download it, and it was worth every one of those 3600 seconds, if you can't spare 2 days to download the high res on a 56K modem, try to spare the 1 day it'll take to download the med res, it's well worth it. And forever, I'll get that mirror up soon and pm you the link.

~Clan Infectionist

The Bus 08-26-2006 05:00 AM

omg that video was amzing... geez i never got bored and love the beginning of it i dont know what to think man

DollarPwnCenter 08-26-2006 06:37 AM

Thanks to everyone. This truly was a great time. Like was said alot of my good stuff was left out but dont you worry. Me and Terminator are making a vairety in the NEAR future and you can catchup on what was taken out. As a member that worked on it ill tell you what i thought. It was AMAZINg. The launches did get repetitve but if Korhal can get away with 9 minutes of driving a hog off a cliff who cares. Apparently he had a good time. I was dissapointed that ALL my stuff didnt get in...but atleast you guys dont have to Download 15 more minutesLOL its already big enough.

princeofthesword 08-26-2006 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by DollarPwnCenter
I am awesome but I love everyone in Trinity, like POTS

I've said it before... you're sick. If you're doing a Campaign vid with Term, I'll die of happiness. I can't wait to see that, I love you guys.

Seriously, I can't even begin to type everything I loved about this video. Later today I'll write up a detailed list of everything performed in text for those few of you who are confused.

Whoa, I just watched a show making fun of people who said "seriously" all the time. Seriously.

DollarPwnCenter 08-26-2006 06:55 AM

Hey, im tired...i did repeate that part about not having every in the vid twice but it wasnt intensional:p Also i do love you pots. Me and Term ARE making a vid. Acutally it should be out VERY soon becasue he has alot of his stuff already and i have mine. Also that Quote scared me. Since im tired i thought i may have posted that. Even though thats probly what you got out of it i was freaking out and reading thorugh all my text....good one. I am awsome by the wayLOL

UberNube 08-26-2006 06:57 AM

WOW.......... *speechless pause* .... Just ...........Amazing

I worship you like Gods!!!!!! I shall create a shrine to your 1337ness, and then the world shall know of this greatness!!!!!

My only slight complaint is that Kohral's bit was too long, but other than that it was great... *head explodes for the sheer awesomeness*

DollarPwnCenter 08-26-2006 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by UberNube
My only slight complaint is that Kohral's bit was too long, but other than that it was great... *head explodes for the sheer awesomeness*

He did the editing for it though so we couldnt do anything...but the editing was rape so its not a big problem. Fit kindove nicely. I jsut wish there was a bigger vaireity in tricks.

Slash RF 08-26-2006 08:18 AM

OK, so im just here at my brothers apartment in toronto on 'vacation'
and I pull out my laptop and I find out that I can steal over 15 peoples connection, wow. So I use the one that gives me the best connection and its still. super. slow. lol. so until I get a good connection, im stuck with using the lowest quality, part one is at 50% i can not WAIT. omg.

Five Star ***** 08-26-2006 08:29 AM

I was able to see this video before it came out and it took every ounce of something in my body to not show anyone. It is most definitely the best Halo 2 Campaign Variety Video there has ever been in my opinion.

Tricks and Glitches: I would like to say the most amazing person in this video was DollarPwnCenter, so great job on that. He found many glitches that my mouth were open from such as getting out of Cairo Station. I also liked when he launched the soccer ball in the scarab. Another glitch from a person I would like to note is forevercha0s getting that Elite inside a rock. That was awesome. Enanito, also showed me something amazing when there were a bunch of his dead bodies. It was like dead body clones and very wierd.

Launches: I liked the glitches better than the launches but some launches were amazing. I know DollarPwnCenter did some amazing launches but the glitches he found cleared my mind of the launches. forevercha0s, did a Sputnik launch across a map and then in the air he hit a building and did a corner ride. That was definitely amazing. Another awesome launch was from FooFoo when he launched so far he was able to get under water. PrinceoftheSword also suprised me with the last video clip at the end in slow motion when he launched and then out of no where he landed on the scarab.

Editing: Once again forevercha0s edited another video with amazing editing. I also think he put more work into this video than any other video he has edited because this was a big one. So once again amazing editing forevercha0s.

Quality: I can't really say the quality since every person has to use their own capture card. The quality wasn't amazing from anyone but seriously I don't think it matters.

The whole video was amazing except for the part in the middle with KORHAL doing an old trick of his. I thought that was unecessary considering it was old and also he drove off a cliff about one hundred times for ten minutes.

DominoEffect 08-26-2006 08:30 AM

I hold each and every person that took part in this video personally responsible for buying me a new pair of shorts, as I just made a complete mess of the ones I was just wearing.

Where to start? Extremely well put together video, I especially liked Yourbigmama's launch near the middle. Every single part of this video was insane, especially the friggin weapon box at the top of Mt. Halo. The music choice was excellent, amazingly well edited with the 45 minutes of footage, some of it (unintentionally, I think) well synced with the video. I believe this is the last big video for Halo 2 as far as tricking goes, the last bits are just glitches and possibly eggs. Superb video, I can't stress this enough. KDp, NL and Team Gnarly are all tied for first as far as the 'best' campaign clans go. <3

hockeykid101 08-26-2006 08:49 AM

Absolutly amazing the launching was fantastic that has got to be the best campaign VV ever hands down well that and pergatory amzing amazing amazing I would give you a milloin smilies but the would probebly bug some people :D I don't know what to say awsome job guys. But now I am going to go cry for 2 hours because there is no way The vid I am working on is going to stand up to that. Hehehe again nice job to everone in volved that was a purly amazing video.:D

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