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The Renaissance - 06-09-2006 , 10:05 PM

Jump Addicts Presents

The Renaissance

For over 5 months, we have been working on this video. Ironically, our first creation has had much drama in the making. Read the bottom of the post if you want to see it. As for the video, we have worked extremely hard on it and we believe it is now up to the quality of jumping we want it to be. So, finally, we prouldy present to you:

The Renaissance

Hi-Res(27 MB)-

Lo-Res(17.4 MB)-

Our Goal

Some people will say it is ridiculous to have a goal. Obviously, we are trying to get our name out and show off our hard work. This is not entirely true of us. We hope that this video, suggested by the name, will prove to people that Lockout is not dead. Jump vids nowadays have 1, maybe 2 jumps from Lockout, and we feel that it is absolutley lacking in attention. We hope this will inspire people to go take another look at Lockout and maybe see something new. Hopefully, it is "Reborn."


In the video, you will notice there are more than three different qualities, even though there are only three filmers. This is because we were constantly tweaking our settings to make it as good as possible. Due to this, the picture will go from visible to amazing at certain points. All clips are visible, though.

The View

Because Raven is the only person who has a no hud gametype, we decided not to use it. This is because we figured we would only be able to film jumps if he was online, or we would switch from no hud and back. I know how annoying that is. Instead, we tried to limit the amount of jumps that we held guns in, but it came out to about half to most of the video. We had alot of adjusting to do, since this was originally going to be just an old school jump vid and we added speed and stacks, so we felt it was appropriate to use guns this time. The next video will be no hud.


For some reason, my paint is acting up lately. My usual method is to watch this vid, pause it, print screen, and copy to paint. From there i save and upload it. Since my paint is not working, does any one have any alternate suggestions?

The Drama

When the report card came in for third marking period a few months ago, my good friend and clan mamber 0n3st3pb3hind found out he had been focusing just a little too hard on the video. He failed just a few too many classes. Just enough to lose xbox live. We have seen him once since then. With his one hour, he tried to warm up and contribute something, but he was to out of practice. Please excuse his jumps, as they are few and some of the may not be the quality of the rest of the vid. They were awesome back when he did them.
Not to long ago, my xbox broke. No sound output on Live, and campaign took 20 seconds to load a plasma explosion. I was not able to make any progress individually until the weekend when i very quickly put down $400 for a 360. The next day was spent on customer support recovering my account. It was not a "seemless transition."
Raven had no drama. Hes not cool enough to have any. :)

We hope you enjoy the video. Whether or not this insprires you to turn on your xbox and go to Lockout, i doubt it will. I just hope above all things that you had fun watching it.

Edit: I cant believe i forgot to say this, but watch after the credits for a little something extra.

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