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04-06-2010 , 10:41 PM

Originally Posted by Rockslider View Post
Could you give me any examples you can remember of checkpoints you can get multiple times which you can't delay for very long? I wasn't aware of any like that. I'm interested because I've got an article on checkpoint delaying at my site, and maybe I'll need to add something to the 'Exceptions' section.
They only appear on the levels Halo, SC, and AOTCR that I remember. There's one in AOTCR before the underground cave area. There's 2 or 3 on the beach at SC and one when you just come into the maproom structure before you go down the first ramp (there also might be one going down the ramp to the security shaft holopanel, but I can't remember). There's a few on Halo, one at the entrance of each area with marines, and one at each end of the underground area with the lightbridge. All of them are infinite, you can come back and get them at any time, and they are invaluable to tricking. Only the one at AOTCR can be infinitely delayed though. The rest you get roughly 3-4 "jumps" to delay them before they don't work, and you have to leave and go back through the zone they're in. There's not much else to them.