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03-09-2011 , 02:37 PM

Originally Posted by HB sa' lamee View Post
I could never really get that method to work in H2, but that does not mean anything.
I rather think the killbarriers are the problem on this one, as TaD said.

Grumpy, are you talking about the falltime glitch with the enlarged character model while breathing, which gives you about 10cm more of falling height before dieing?
No, you can get extreme distance on falltime. In coop (it helps to have a CP), you can greatly extend falltime by both players jumping off but you need to time the deaths. In SI I can get to the bottom of the Green door canyon by having P2 jump off the edge, then P1 follows and on the way down P2 dies but P1 makes it to the bottom while P2 is in death mode.