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Alternate Destinations - 04-06-2011 , 04:52 AM

There's been a lot of site-adverting going around (which isn't an issue, considering the circumstances), but I don't feel that it's entirely necessary to be sending HIH off with multiple 'go here!' posts in every thread.

I'll try to get everything listed here, but if I miss something, let me know.

---------------- - The obvious choice after HIH; as well as where HIH will be hosted, once frozen. - The Waypoint forums. Inhabited by a toned down and 'nice' version of the Bnet forums, as well as various members of 343i. Not a bad place at all. (If you get an error when visiting, it's a cookie issue. Go to and sign in (or visit, if you're auto-signed in), then revisit the forum. - A site/forum for Jumping, Gaming, or anything else you want to talk about, run by several HIH staff members.

iTrick Bnet Group - Dunno how this will work out, but it's there. - There's also an r/highimpacthalo, but I've only received a reply from the mod of r/hih - Simple site for tricks and glitches (and anything else). Undergoing a bit of a technical reworking at the moment.

Halo3Forum - Should know enough about this site by now. If you don't, the url is pretty descriptive. - Not sure how to describe this one. Seems to be a different take on forum-growth. - Hopefully you're already aware of this.

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