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Hold X to Trick - Mesmerize - 09-29-2006 , 07:09 PM

Have you ever thought that Halo 2 glitches have all been discovered?
Well, Hold X to Trick, a new Halo glitching clan,
has just finished a huge variety video with many new tricks.
These glitches might amaze you more that the hype created by DefyLogic about Epidemic.
The video, Mesmerize, includes 30 minutes of mind blowing footage.
The video has been separated into three different parts.
Also, we have created three different resolutions (high, medium, and low)
for the convenience of our viewers.
Clan Hold X to Trick hope you like the video
and be sure to see Hold X to Trick in many more productions that will be coming soon.
Video's of the 2 Completed Challenges in the video,
will be posted later

Hold X to Trick Forums

Thanks to all of you who have helped with making this video,
if your not in the credits but you did help tell me and i'll put your name here.
Hold X to Trick.

People who i forgot :

Halogamer55 V2 a.k.a My Name Is Eric
Io a.k.a Carrot Ninja

Music Credits.
songs in random order.

Immediate Music - Judgement Day

immediate music - requiem rave

Immediate Music - The Chronicles Of Narnia (Internation Trailer

immediate music - Naked Prey

Immediate Music - Serpents Teeth

Immediate Music - Blasphemy 2.0

Immediate Music - Liberation! - Choir

The Matrix Reloaded - Mona Lisa Overdrive

Hans Zimmer - The Rock Main theme

Lord of the Rings - Requiem for a Dream remix

Sonata Arctica - My Selene


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