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09-29-2006 , 08:09 PM

~Reserved for Tutorials~

Flaming Hog Tut.

We don't know how to do it >.<
What we did when it happend was, i had my guest in the turret of the hog then dummied the hog, pushed the dummied hog through the level into the orb(where you make big holograms of yourself and Oddballs), then Durbin made a hologram of himself and it fell over the real hog which was still dummied for me, then on accident i touched the hog so it undummied and BAM there was fire!

Clones stuck in Boarding Position.
Basicly this is cloning a person who is boarding a vehicle, so you
need a person in a vehicle, 2nd you need someone who is going to
board the guy in the vehicle, he must be conection host,
3rd you need someone who wont get host to be partyleader(you wont get host if you have a guest signed in).
Now have the partyleader look up the person who is going to board the vehicle in his friendlist and make sure he is ready to boot that person, then have the host board the vehicle, half a second after he boards the partyleader needs to boot him, you will go into a blue screen now do the cloning method and the guy who was boarding will be cloned and stuck a boarding position.
Dont know how to clone, check out this tut
by Defylogic
Video Tutorial

Banshee Behind Containment Base Barrier(not outside of the level).
This isnt that hard to pull of, only thing you need to do is
a barrelrol while your next to the barrier and hope your wing
gets stuck in the barrier, now do some more barrelrols and your in.

Weapons of Doom Tut.
Basicly you can blow up a hog and spectre without shooting it, all it takes is a charged up plasma pistol or one bullet of any kind of weapon.
Here's what you do, first you have someone in the turret of the spectre or warthog then have someone throw a nade or shoot a rocket at the spectre or warthog, then get out of the turret charge up your plasma pistol and walk towards the spectre or warthog, or just fire one shot of any kind of weapon.
Plasma pistol looks coolest because it looks like you blow the vehicle up with just one shot.
Video Tutorial.

Oddball Hologram.
What you need to do is, first clone a oddball, to do this, first get weaponless stand against a wall and hold the Right Tricker, while doing this the ball will juggle now have the connection host leave the game and when you come out of blue screen there will be multiple oddballs.
Now take the oddball with no icon above it, now do the hologram glitch, meaning fall through that one spot on Burial Mounds where you can make a hologram of yourself.
The oddball will now appear in the sky and will stay there for the rest of the game.
This glitch only works with a cloned oddball.

Out of Ivory Tower by yourself Tut.
Video Tutorial.

Green Jail Tut.
Video Tutorial.

No Weapon Beatdown and butterfly.
Video Tutorial.

Turfs Last Unexplored Building.
Video Tutorial.

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