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05-27-2007 , 12:39 PM

So, today I bought Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100. I heard that many of you on this forum are using Dazzle CCs.

I got the cables from the Xbox 360 going straight into the Dazzle (Video, Audio, Audio cables). But when I'm trying to capture the video I'm not getting any video, only the sound (no video in the preview window either).
I got a picture/video once, when I was in the Xbox (old one) menu, but when I started a game the screen went black.

I've tried Vegas 7, Pinnacle Studio 10 and Virtual Dub.
With Studio 10 it says 'A valid input signal has not been found'.

EDIT: Okay, now I tried to change from PAL-60 to PAL-50, and yes, I got a video.
But hey, I don't want to play in PAL-50, since some games doesn't work with that. :/

And when I changed to 'PAL-M' in Instant DVD Recorder, it worked with PAL-60, but the video was black and white. :/