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03-17-2011 , 01:39 PM

Originally Posted by HB sa' lamee View Post
Well, I did some experimentation with that setup in the first hallway on Cairo, where you encouter just the same ledges.
In my opinion, those ledges are way too small to get you a successful BAW. As you know, you need at least a certain angle between the pile and the wall to be able to be blown through the glass. However, this ledge is so thin that this angle is close to 0 degrees, which results in blasting you away parallel to the wall. I don't say it's impossible, but for a successful BAW in this place you need some strange things to happen, in other words, you need to get damn lucky.
yeah, an angle of 45 degrees is the best.
The blast will launch you parallel across the window for many times, but the angle is still like 5 degrees, or 20 if you are really close to the pile. The pile is only made out of 8 nades so you can jump really close to it.

@ Orange soda king: I remember watching that vid. Fun stuff. Too bad it s not possible in Halo 2, or else you could even BAW off from enemies :D
There are a couple of enemy physics gameplay exploits in H2, but I don't recall something like you described in Halo2.