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03-19-2011 , 08:20 PM

Originally Posted by grumpy View Post
I just thought of something about the Cairo cutscene. The last few attempts to get down were done using the empty shaft. I had always tried the shaft with the lift in it. The door to the empty shaft never works and therefor the door below it will never work. However, since the shaft door with the lift works, the one below it might.

So I'm wondering, if you blast Johnson through and get him close to the ledge, will he open the door?

Blast Sarge down
P1 BAW's and corner rides down
P2 Spawns down
P2 gets on ledge
P1 sticks Sarge so he flies up toward the door
P2 strolls in when door opens

Maybe even use GBD skull. If Sarge opens the door, this will not be as hard as the other methods.

I suppose you could BAW P1 and Johnson down on the same BAW. Heh heh, even stick Sarge on the way down for the falltime.
The one below the lift doesnt lead to anywhere. It's only the one in the empty elevator shaft that leads to the cutscene room iirc