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03-18-2011 , 02:42 PM

Originally Posted by SlayerX35 View Post
I can't believe I joined this site June 2005. What a crazy amount of time that is. A baby matures enough to attend school in that long. I've went from just leaving middle school to sophomore in college. That's insane for me to think about. But you look around this place and you totally understand how something like that could happen. Some of the best tricks, some of the funnest games, and some of the most intelligent conversations have taken place here. That's all thanks to some of the coolest people I've ever found on the internet. HIH is one of the only websites I have gone to consistently for more than like 2 years, let alone almost 6.

Thanks for providing me with funny sensors to my words, that I use from time to time outside of this forum. Thanks to all the members for making this such an awesome place to go every day. I've laughed, learned, and connected with many people, and its been a fantastic experience. Even after I've almost stopped playing halo all together this place is an internet home. Thanks to all the Administrators and Moderators for putting up with and deleting schlapskie to make room for the amazing threads over all these years. Lastly, Thanks Ducain, for providing a platform and being so awesome for 7 years to make all of that possible.
I seriously don't think anybody could put it better then this. I check HIH as often as I check my facebook. I was never really known around here for much, but I was always looking around, and reading nearly all the new threads. I've learned tons, I've looked at situations differently, and I've definitely matured, all because of this site. Thank you to everyone here for such a great few years of knowledge and humor. I really wish I could have got to know some of you better, because I know for a fact that I would have made some kick-ass friends.