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03-18-2011 , 04:04 PM

In late March of 2005 I typed in a search word and what popped up changed my life, changed my grandson’s life and it was all for the better. I thought ‘wtf’ is ‘tricking’ so I clicked on HIH. There was like this explosion in my head!

First vid I saw was dantheman87 and his start of the OS Scarab gun quest.

Second vid was Dark Helmet swordflying up to the Metropolis Scarab gun.

Third vid was Ms Man showing how to falltime.

I was astonished, it was like I found something I always wanted to do but didn’t know about it. Like arriving home to a place you’ve never been before. Not only that but the people were friendly and extremely helpful.

Kratos and I turned off the Playstation and turned on the xbox full time. That summer was awesome, we ate and drank Halo 2 and HIH was on 24 hrs. The posting, PM’s galore (we could fill up the messages in one day). Everyday 3 or 4 vids were submitted and we all looked to see if KORHAL approved/legitimized each vid. Then later we all wanted to see what princeofthesword had to say. The perfect match for moderators was KORHAL and POTS, completely different souls but they meshed like gears in a perfect engine called HIH.

Kratos and I watched the front page and poured over every vid in the fold-down list of trickers, knowing we could never be as good as our idols. Then, low and behold we made front page and I literally cried like a baby I was so happy. The FP was fine but that is not what made me happy. I realized that the way tricking taxed our brains was a positive thing. We spent hours discussing strategy and using logic to sort out what was possible, it was much more than just playing a game. Kratos and I became closer and, by going through hell to make a trick work, truly came to understand each other that lasts to this day.

The people I will miss dearly already know so I won't list names. There are several people that I hope will post here one last time and they also know.

I’m glad I clicked on HIH that day.