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11-02-2010 , 03:16 AM

Wow. I wonder when people are actually going to talk about the Dropships instead of about who found them.

Originally Posted by grumpy View Post
Dojorkan! It's good to see you in print again.
Hey there! Long time no read!

Originally Posted by MASTER GAMERTAG View Post
I am not blaming you at all, I also do not support modding in anyway. Especially if the modding is going to ruin everyones time, so Kornman can eat one. I was just saying it definitely wasn't anyone here.
He didn't try to ruin anyone's time.

He wasn't even 100% accurate, he posted some vague things to get people searching for it on the right track. Then ended up following his own knowledge to manually find it himself in-game.

don't support modding in anyway? Modding isn't all cheating like what the losers in Matchmaking make it out to be.