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Goodbye HIH! <3
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03-18-2011 , 05:20 PM

Wow. This really took me by surprise. Definitely a very sad day.

I've been with this site for just a little over 6 years(didn't even realize that mark had hit 4 days ago). It's become one of my regular places to go every day and has become like a virtual home. It is the reason I got in to Halo and is the very reason I got into tricking. I loved coming here and showing off my stuff and seeing all the good, and yes even the bad, comments that it got. It gave me a great feeling that pushed me to do more. Even more so, I loved coming here and seeing what the community was doing. The things I've seen done with a video game have just been unbelievable. The talent that lies within these forums is just amazing!

It is also another place I loved showing off my graphic design and photomanipulation work. I joined a couple graphics boards over the years but there was just something about HIH's sub-forum that I loved to post my work at. It even allowed me to help contribute to the site by creating some icons for the board(these are what I created that you now see in use: It is a big honor to have these be used on such a great site and I'm glad they'll be frozen in time with the rest of this amazing site!

Honestly, I don't know how different my life would be without this forum. It has had a hand in shaping my life and by that I do mean my real life. The things I have seen here and posted here have allowed me to meet people and do things I never would have been able to without this site. For example, after I posted one of Jumps United's(my former gaming clan I co-started as a Halo 2 clan) videos here, a guy, whom you all know as I Neo I, sent me a friend request on XBL after seeing it on this site. He soon joined our clan, we played together all the time, and I went on to meet him in real life, after he told me about an awesome college. I soon went to visit it with him. I eventually went on to graduate from there and had some of the best experiences there. So, because of HIH I got a great friend and found out about what was the best school I have ever went to. The list of things HIH has done to change my life is a long and extensive one. I'll share some more over the coming days!

Ducain: I really want to thank you for making this site. You have had a big impact on not only my life, but that of many others and the Halo community. You know a site has became a great site when Bungie puts your site in the credits of Halo 3. I'm sure you and all the members of this were filled with joy when we saw our beloved site pop up in the credits. HIH will be missed but not forgotten.

I want to also thank the staff and members of this site for making HIH what it is today. Without you, we never could have come this far. Hopefully we can all find a new home on the net somewhere but until then lets make these last days memorable ones!