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10-28-2010 , 06:31 AM

KAH 343G - 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor of Alpha Halo
KBL 117J - John-117, Blue Leader
KBM 101S - Sheila-101, killed in the Battle of Miridem, 2544
KBO 034S - Samuel-034, Blue One
KBT 087K - Kelly-087, Blue Two
KDA 458N - Nicole-458, from Dead or Alive 4
KGL 044A - Anton-044, Gamma Leader
KGN 062M - Maria-062, from the Halo Graphic Novel
KGO 008L - Li-008, Gamma One
KGO 610B
KGT 093G - Grace-093, Gamma Two
KLB 128Y
KMA 037R - Randall-037, Missing in Action
KN0 220K - Kat/Catherine-220, Noble One (?)
KNF 239E - Emile -239, Noble Four/Five
KNF 266J - Jun, Noble Four/Five
KNL 259C - Carter-259, Noble Leader (?)
KNS 000X - ?, Noble Six/Seven
KNS 344R - ?, Noble Six/Seven
KNT 052J - Jorge-052, Noble Two/Three
KNT 293T - ?, Noble Two/Three
KOP 084F - Fhajad-084, ?
KPD 005J - James-005, MIA near a Pelican Dropship (?)
KRL 104F - Fred-104, Red Leader
KVA 1031
KVU 019C
KWA 434K - Bungie Studios, 434 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, WA
KWO 081R

Edited some stuff, however, i have a feeling i'm wrong with a few of the numbers, and i don't remember a noble member starting with t :S