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04-03-2011 , 06:37 AM

I could never get that thing in single player until I saw terminators vid. I always found were to launch from by getting off the wall at the exact same spot every time (based on the sort of green lines on the ledge) and then counting my steps (some trial and error was involved at first to find the spot in the first place)

I used to have a sweet checkpoint right after the grab were I would play and just turn off my xbox instead of saving and quitting but unfortunatly I gave my xbox away for a christmas present cause I had a 360, by the time I realized I would lose all my saves (the skulls, the metro and os scarab guns, the armory pressure launch ect...) I was already comitted to giving it away to a 5 year old who doesn't even have halo and wouldn't know how to play it if he ever got the game.

I am currently trying to get all my skulls back but I only have one controller so I have to play through the whole game up to the level with the skull I want every single time, I am sooooooooo sick of armory and cairo station as you can probably imagine

I know I'm ranting but as there is only 3 or 4 days left to post on this forum youre probably going to get a lot of long rants from me until the end

also to relate back to the original topic I think the last method is the coolest, I would never ever try it myself but it is the coolest