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04-05-2011 , 07:02 AM

Originally Posted by RandomCTG View Post
Ways to get to the SG bridge and get the scarab on Metro

use ghost to lift the pelican
use fall time glitch on ghost then lift pelican then falltime back down

banshee launch to the SG bridge
(did it once on one of my vids)

rocket warthog launch
grenade warthog launch
box launch to the SG bridge

get banshee from first part of Metro and fly to the SG bridge

swordfly to the SG bridge

partnerbounce to the SG bridge then corner slide back down
Lol, this is the OS thread.

Yeah, I've already done X's partner bounce. I hadn't picked the Ghost raising one because it wasn't about the Scarab gun, even though it could have been. I tried to find one where you raised the Pelican and got off on the bridge but couldn't. That's what I focussed on showing, landing on the bridge.

The others are in my Metropolis thread except for the Banshee launch.