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HIH lottery winner 4/26/10: Xwo - 04-27-2010 , 02:12 AM

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Michael, I live in Tennessee, one of the most boring states ever. I'm 17 and in high school and work at a coffee shop. I generally only play Halo 3, but I sometimes like to play a little bit of Call of Duty.

2. How did you find High Impact Halo, and when?

I found HIH back a few months after Halo 3 came out. I started to gain an interest in trick jumping after I found out about it, and became friends with Indapop. I heard him talk about HIH a lot, so I checked it out. I just kind of lurked for a while, haha. However i later made an account here in December of '08.

3. What is it that you like about Halo tricks, and what kind of tricks are your favorite to do or see?

I don't really know to much about tricking in Halo to be honest. I've always been more interested in trick jumping. The tricking videos I have seen though are all pretty amazing though. I just love seeing all of the creativity and crazy schlapskie people do. Like I said before, I don't do much tricking, so I'm easily impressed by almost any tricking video haha.

4. Have you discovered any Halo tricks or glitches yourself?

Tricks? Nope. Jumps? Yep.

5. What is your favorite game from the halo Series?

Well. Since I started playing Halo in Halo 3, I would probably say Halo 3 is my favorite. However, the last few weeks before the H2 servers were shut down, I played quite a bit of Halo 2, and absolutely loved it..So I get the feeling if I had played more of Halo 2, I would definitely like it better.

6. What other hobbies do you have?

One of my main hobbies, would be playing Halo competitively. I'm beginning to get a bit tired of it all though. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and really like music a lot. I've just recently started to learn how to play the guitar, and have played piano for a few years now.

7. Who is your favorite Star Craft pro?


8. What is your favorite pokemon, from the original 151?

That would definitely be Gengar. That dude just looked so sick.

9. (From last week's winner) If you had the power to change one thing about Halo 3, what would it be? -Yasha

Hmm. There are multiple things I would love to change about it, but the biggest issue I have with the game would either be the BR spread, or all the barriers. The BR spread in Halo 3 is a complete joke, and trick jumping would be so much more enjoyable without all the barriers there are in the game.

10. If you could ask the next lottery winner one question, what would it be?

When you drink Gatorade, do you put your entire mouth over the opening in the bottle, or just over enough of it to get a drink?