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04-06-2011 , 09:19 AM

I know that bumping is frowned upon, but these videos are the ones that I want HIH to be remembered by.

I just want to say good bye to HIH, I Had so much fun back in the days of Halo 2. It seemed that everything was more fun then. Even sitting in lobbies was more exciting than in any other game. I remember when I first came here back at the end of the V2 forums. I had no idea what tricking was. Then Halo 2 released and I immediately got into the tricking game. I have spent endless hours launching, bouncing, jumping, exploring, glitching, and even trying to find the fabled "Golden Warthog." (Although we now know it doesnt exist)

I want to say thanks to everybody in DWT, especially Anakade the bipolar tyrant that he is. I know that we are going to continue tricking, but I havent done near as much stuff with you guys as I used to. It was a good ride and we have to say good bye to this site.

It was fun. Bye