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01-11-2011 , 03:37 PM

I can't believe I almost let this one slip by me! I saw you post this at HSH a few days ago and made a note to watch the video later. I've seen your stuff on HSH and have been very impressed, and I thoroughly enjoyed Gravity = Drag, so I knew this would be good.

I absolutely loved this video. Not just because the launches were great (the launch to the window on Sierra 117 and that banshee wing launch were awesome), but because it gave me the same feeling that the Halo 1 forum does. I haven't paid too much attention to Halo 3 tricking, but when I did it didn't seem like a whole lot was going on. It seemed a little hindered. So to see you tackle a launching video in Halo 3 was very fun.

At first I didn't quite agree with the song, but then it grew on me because it made the feel and pace of the video fantastic. Really fast and intense as launching should be. I also really liked how a few of those launches could be used as potential shortcuts ^_^

The last launch was funny because even though I was looking for the last launch, I didn't expect it. I saw you launching to the middle of that big field and thought to myself, "Well that's lame, he's just launching as far as he can go. Maybe he thought the wraith flip was cool." Then I saw the scarab spawn and was like O_O!

Great stuff, Ensnared!

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