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Just Jump 2: Sneak Peek/Trailer - 03-24-2011 , 05:57 PM

What's up, everybody?

Some of you may know that I've been working on a jumping video called Just Jump 2, either because I've casually mentioned it, or you watched the first episode of deleted scenes I released awhile back. If you don't know, well, you will soon enough.

The only time I ever release my footage is in my final videos, but as you are all likely aware, High Impact Halo is coming to a close. I wanted to wave a fond farewell to the board the only way I know how: by tricking. Just Jump 2 is far from finished, but because I love HIH a big huggy bunch, I thought I'd throw together a little preview of what I've been working on and what's to come for you guys.



Just a small taste of what's to come. I don't show some jumps in their entirety, some clips are just concepts and a couple will be expanded on, but there are some finalized jumps in here. I have a lot more planned, including more of those partner jumps a lot of you guys like =)

I don't know when it'll be finished, but when it is, I'll be posting it on first, so stay tuned on there! Finally, for those that have been looking forward to it, there's also a preview for my launching video, Dosage, that will be released next week in the Halo 1 forum, not to mention another big gift to the board from myself and scurty that will be posted very soon at High Speed Halo.

But until all that, do enjoy this little treat! Thanks, everyone.

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