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03-26-2011 , 02:57 AM

Originally Posted by MrMonopoly View Post
Damn... your "sneak peak" is better than many full videos. Very nice, I cant wait to see it.
Thanks, boof!

Originally Posted by MasterOfMexico
Amazing. Can't wait!

Originally Posted by WtK Yo
slide ramp off a spartan!? Whaaaaaa? im hyped
Gotta love Halo 1 physics XD

Originally Posted by IncrediBill X
Damn Slynk, you're too good at H1 jumping man. I was trying to predict what would happen on some of those jumps that you cut early, but you never know with you.
I like keeping people guessing :D

Originally Posted by Angels Of Chaos
That showed alot of footage for a trailer :O
I felt it would be a nice treat for the board :)

Originally Posted by JTuck
I think I say this in every single one of your threads, but oh well.
Damn, slYnk. You never fail to impress me. I wanted to see the whole froodlenutzkieing thing! I don't even know what you plan on doing on the jump where the rocket launcher is flying at you, not to mention where you are going to land on that map, but I doubt that it won't be incredibly sick. You are definitely the master of Halo: CE jumping.

On top of this sick trailer, we get a Dosage preview soon?!? I might as well get ready to schlapskie my pants.
Haha, thanks JT. The flying rocket launcher is an extremely old idea of mine that I never tried too hard to make work, but after watching Nate jump off weapons in Halo 3, I wanted to take another crack at it. What I have planned is extremely hard to time, but it will be awesome. And you do indeed get a Dosage preview! I'm gonna be working away at that all sunday. Gonna be epic.

Originally Posted by then3wguy
looking forward to this, i am.
Thanks, bud! Also, thanks a lot for your comment on my "Concepts" video. I kept forgetting to respond to that comment... I'm glad you liked the intro to that video. I just wish my letters looked better XD

Originally Posted by Xwo
This looks very, very promising.

I'm excited.
The final video will definitely get Xwapproval ^_^

Originally Posted by Joshington
i know some of the clips are bound to not need 3rd person would be nice to have full screen...

neways some creative techniques by the looks of it ..or at least techniques that havent been use in halo ce yet..
I was thinking about that. I may go back and film some jumps on XBC for wonderful full screen. And a lot of it is brand new never before seen techniques in Halo 1. I've always liked for my videos to have a Halo 2 or Halo 3 feel, and this video will definitely have a great mix of both, but will still be unique to Halo 1 physics.

Thanks for all the comments, guys!

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