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01-13-2014 , 01:53 PM

This is just incredible. I was never a campaign tricker, I never had the patience for it, and this just SCREAMS patience and planning. I applaud you.

As for HIH coming out of Cryo, I was almost not going to post anything, and just let it be. Its been years since I have tricked, and with a wife and kid now, gaming is not my focus any more. (Blasphemy I know.) I figured that since I have moved on, there is no reason to go back and post again.

Then I though about it. For 6ish years, (first as Recon117 then as Brain Virus) you guys were my friends. You were my digital family and I love you guys (and girls). You were the friends that I talked to when I had bad days. You were the friends that I wanted to tell first when good things happen. I miss you guys and everything you were to me.

We fought the fight
The battles won
Time to go now
And face the sun

Be brave soldier
This is not the end
Forever in heart
You will be my friend

I may not see you again
So keep your batteries fresh
And never forget
Halo is in our flesh

This is me. I am without a face...

I have spent almost 6 years on this website. I don't regret a single one. It was an honor serving you all, and being apart of this community. We have had our ups and downs, but this is the best online group of people I have ever met. Its been a pleasure.

Stay strong.

Finish the Fight