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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch41 View Post
not gonna lie dude. both sides play dirty.

if what english is saying bro, its super froodlenutzkieed up. but hey, josh does super froodlenutzkieed up schlapskie too. soooo....

i guess it really doesnt matter at this point.

I also don't see this technique being used for good jumps at all.
Ya both sides. Josh and these kids. Leave PA out of this. When you do schlapskie like this it froodlenutzkies the whole team up. And it wasn't for jumps we was showing off something we found for the credits. And I'm not accusing nate, I like nate, but he was in PA. So idk. Its like JT, I like most of them and I knew a lot of theier stuff but I'm not going to froodlenutzkie up their stuff because of one person I don't like. That's a whole team that it messes with. Sorry about spelling etc on phone.