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08-26-2006 , 04:08 AM

Nice stuff guys, twas fun taking part in this, even if I joined in a little late... Gotta say nice job on a 45 Min vid. KORHALs segement was a we bit stretched imo. And I know there were a few of dollars things not put in, and there were a lot of 5 nade stacks that got a little repetitive but dang, they were all soo cool. With that aside, holy cow, the stuff in here = ZOMGROFLCOPTER! So many WOW moments in one vid, and a lot of creative things as well, Dollar, you really do pwn, I gotta hand it to you, you are an AMAZING tricker! So Enjoy this video, it truely is amazing.

I'm also going to use this post as my shout out section, haha.

- Everyone that took part in Trinity (and all that wanted to)
-Grumpy, you are a great guy, and a good example on these forums.
- POTS, had to add you, I hope you are doing well, I'll have to PM you soon.
- DollarpwnCenter & forevercha0s, you both talked to me a fair amount over AIM, and it was nice to get to talk to you a bit more than just postings at the gnarly website. You both challenged and inspired me to try new things.
- Nick, DominoEffect, SWAT Sniper, dantheman87, omg a fish, Grunt 117, the few people at halomods who take the time to deal with my noob-ness, and the HIH community as a whole.

EDIT: Just to clear a few things up about my stuff, incase there is ever any questions about it (which I doubt , but whatever) The banshee launch to the top of regrets temple, sputnik was NOT on. The two launches where I throw two gernades under a box and get a lot of air, that is all it is, there is no gernade pile under the box. Its quite a useful technique actually for air.