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08-26-2006 , 08:30 AM

I hold each and every person that took part in this video personally responsible for buying me a new pair of shorts, as I just made a complete mess of the ones I was just wearing.

Where to start? Extremely well put together video, I especially liked Yourbigmama's launch near the middle. Every single part of this video was insane, especially the friggin weapon box at the top of Mt. Halo. The music choice was excellent, amazingly well edited with the 45 minutes of footage, some of it (unintentionally, I think) well synced with the video. I believe this is the last big video for Halo 2 as far as tricking goes, the last bits are just glitches and possibly eggs. Superb video, I can't stress this enough. KDp, NL and Team Gnarly are all tied for first as far as the 'best' campaign clans go. <3