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License plate egg - 10-01-2009 , 09:03 AM

Avateur says "Very start of the game when you drop out of your drop pod and land by the police car, check out the license plate."

HIH Thread

Obviously a reference to 343 Guilty Spark.

WOW! Some amazing detective work by Omega over at HBO has yielded some pretty cool speculation. The text from his post is copied below:

KAH 343G isn't the only egg-shaped license plate in the game (nor does it only appear on the police car at the start of the game). Exploring Mombasa Streets this morning I counted up 28 distinct license plate numbers. Here's an alphabetical list of my findings and my theories as to their references:

KAH 343G - 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor of Alpha Halo
KBL 117J - John-117, Blue Leader
KBM 101S - Sheila-101, killed in the Battle of Miridem, 2544
KBO 034S - Samuel-034, Blue One
KBT 087K - Kelly-087, Blue Two
KDA 458N - Nicole-458, from Dead or Alive 4
KGL 044A - Anton-044, Gamma Leader
KGN 062M - Maria-062, from the Halo Graphic Novel
KGO 008L - Li-008, Gamma One
KGO 610B
KGT 093G - Grace-093, Gamma Two
KLB 128Y
KMA 037R - Randall-037, Missing in Action
KN0 220K - ?, Noble One (?)
KNF 239E - ?, Noble Four/Five
KNF 266J - ?, Noble Four/Five
KNL 259C - Sierra-259, Noble Leader (?)
KNS 000X - ?, Noble Six/Seven
KNS 344R - ?, Noble Six/Seven
KNT 052J - ?, Noble Two/Three
KNT 293T - ?, Noble Two/Three
KOP 084F - Fhajad-084, ?
KPD 005J - James-005, MIA near a Pelican Dropship (?)
KRL 104F - Fred-104, Red Leader
KVA 1031
KVU 019C
KWA 434K - Bungie Studios, 434 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, WA
KWO 081R

I'm almost certain of about half of the explanations. Half of the remaining half I'm fairly confident in, and the final quarter I couldn't come up with any fitting explanation for (except KLB 128Y, which I was CONVINCED references Yasmine from I Love Bees, but I chose not to include it on the list because her number isn't known). Perhaps someone with more knowledge of Bungie can come up with explanations for those that I couldn't get. Conspicuously, a majority of the numbers refer to Spartans and seemingly allude to their positions in the Battle of Reach. At the same time, there are a LOT of KN_'s, which I connected with the "Noble-One" and "Sierra-259" references in the Halo Reach trailer.

I'm thinking Bungie might be giving us the tiniest of previews of what's to come.

2 Additional Notes: KN0 220K appears to be K-N-zero, but my explanation interprets it as K-N-Oh. I suspect there is a better explanation for it. The numbers for some of the spartans aren't known (specifically Sheila, Randall, and James), but the numbers given aren't used by any other spartans so I'm speculating as to their owners.

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