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Red face 01-26-2011 , 05:03 PM

Originally Posted by scurty View Post
Excellent attempts, Monopoly. I'm thinking the best way to complete this is to absolutely MASH the X button to enter the warthog. If you hit the warthog, you will die because you will have so much downward speed. Your best bet is to try to enter the hog while you hit it for the 1/30th of a second before going downwards.

Have you thought about balancing the hog on top of the tower like slYnki does? That way if your launch is a little too high you can still deflect off of it.

Also, it looks like Player 1 is way too close to the checkpoint zone. I would delay the checkpoint by jumping with player 1 so you get the checkpoint further away from the zone. You don't want to get a checkpoint mid-launch like Madrox did.

Keep it up!
I'm pretty sure Madrox got a checkpoint from one of the mudslide area dropships. I don't think monopoly has to worry about that.

Good luck boofass, you're going to get soon!