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AOTCR bridge descent guide - 03-28-2011 , 03:22 PM

Phew, finished it! My Bridge descent guide that is, for single-player methods of descending off the first bridge in AOTCR. I've been working on this thing on and off for over a year now - ever since deciding to learn about other methods than the one I was used to - and I put in a final spurt of effort so I could advertise here before HIH goes into cryo-stasis. It seemed fitting. You'll find things categorized into 16 methods, each described and illustrated on a separate page, complete with relevant links and all the historical info I could uncover (sometimes with the help of venerable members of this very forum). There may be fewer people playing H1 these days, but I hope the guide will still be of some use to some of them. And if not, at least it's there for posterity!

Some of the history eludes me however. I'm lacking dates and origins for various stuff in the murky past, and would like to get those gaps filled. I'm also keen to get better information about whether certain descent methods can be done on NTSC or PC (I can only test PAL). If anyone can contribute anything helpful in these or other regards - including offering corrections if you think I got anything wrong - please get in touch with me anytime (see my site for contact details), or reply in this thread while you still can.