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04-05-2011 , 08:48 PM

Originally Posted by Fixious View Post
...the hell is up with that plasma grenade at :38?
That pilot was very obliging eh? Should've looked where he was going.

Originally Posted by Ducain View Post
:-) <3 RockSlider.

Originally Posted by -=MaToR=- View Post
Nice job Rockslider!

I wish you had said in the video which ones are possible only on PAL and which aren't. Because I'm tempted to go and try these but the last time I tried shade-falling off of that bridge it was impossible.
Thanks, and I'm glad you reminded me about the system issue. I've just added a bit of advice to the vid description on YouTube and my site. The descents on the right are problematic on NTSC and PC. I think all the ones on the left can be done on PC but I'm not sure about NTSC (would like to know!). I wouldn't have wanted this advice in the actual vid though; it wouldn't be in keeping with the style and I don't have the full picture anyway. Better to just refer people to my descent guide for the latest on feasibilty.