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04-07-2010 , 05:53 AM

@ HB - I went in the shaft today, I still don't see any edges that slow me down except one that's kind of greenish and it's too far down. Somehow we have to stop the falltime before that ledge, imo. Maybe bounce a frag off the opposite wall and it bounces over and under you or a sticky sliding down just below you. The same falltime breaker might have to be used to get the rest of the way down.

The other thing we have to determine is will nades pile up at the bottom, waiting for us to get down? I'm skeptical of this because everywhere else on Cairo any amount of nades can vanish if you turn away. We not only have to turn away after suiciding the nades down but the shaft is deep so I really don't see nades waiting for us.

If the nades are waiting for us then there's a chance we could get in. Probably need maybe 10 nades at the bottom, 4 Plasmas and 2 frags for P2 and 2 to get P2 on the ledge twice and 2 to make up for the falltime breaks on the way down. If I were there right now and had 16 nades I'd use 7 plasmas and 4 frags. P2 has to jump down to pick up more nades. P1 can't be killed on the ledge because he will just pick up nades from the pile before they can explode and he needs one for the fuse. So when P1 (with full nades) tosses a fuse he will pick up one from the pile and that will make the BAW 8 Plasmas and 4 frags.

I know you know this but if TaD had tossed the fuse to the insdide edge of the door the pile would have hopped toward the shaft and there's a better chance the blast radius would be at a correct angle to the door itself (provided you have enough nades). He not only did not have the right amount of nades, he doesn't know the whole pile hops about 1/3 of a meter after the fuse goes off. Heh, one plasma knocked him in, who would've thunk.