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04-07-2010 , 05:56 PM

Originally Posted by MetalFan123 View Post
Yeah I got one randomly and I pretty much just ran through the whole level without killing much, but I was on legendary. What about the lift where the drones come out do you think my idea will work?

Edit: No I have not why?
Because a Jetpack Elite could use his Jetpack when he's falling down somewhere. Pretty stupid if he does not and gets killed by the fall.

You mean heroic? On Legendary you can't kill your coop partner without reverting to the last CP, as far as I know.
Well, you may be right though, if you just rush through the level you often get random CPs. It's the opposite of what I've done, I made sure to get every CP, hoping not to bypass the one where the Tunnel is.#

Edit to Grumpy: You can basically ride any corner. Corners with an obtuse angle are easy to stay on but don't slow you down that much. Up to 120 degrees is no problem, then it's getting hard. A corner with a sharp angle slows you down alot, but you can't really stay at the corner because even small moves bring you out of the area where the corner affects you, and you usually can't get back easily. A 90 degree corner is the best mix of both, of course.