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06-06-2011 , 09:08 PM

It's been a wild ride watching you and Monopoli have a go at this, Duelies. But I'm sure it's nothing like what you two have been feeling. I'm so very excited for you, since you completed this. I'm excited for HIH and the tricking community to finally see this one laid to rest. This is our Mythic, and you nailed it to the wall.

Congratulations. This is one of the silly things I'll hold on to for years to come. I might one day try to explain the myth, lore and majesty of this trick to my kids. I'll fail to convey the time this consumed and heartbreak this caused for YEARS. But I'll remember those few who land it, and you first (and so far only) among them.

I hope this is truly farewell, as there is no better way to close HIH. I close my post one last time:

Yours truly,


Years. YEARS. That's what I've given this site. It's been hilarious and maddening, mind numbing and thought provoking, moments of astonishment and headaches. The best thing this site has given me one the best community on the 'net. HIH will always be unparalleled.

Thanks for everything, you will be sorely missed.