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06-07-2011 , 10:56 AM

Congrats Duelies! I can't think of a better way for HIH to go out, the one challenge that survived through the years - unconquered. It's been great guys! Long live HIH. Long live tricking!

On a side note: Duelies is $50.00 and a signed Halo 2 guide richer!

Also! Here is my goodbye:
I am filled with regret since I missed the end of High Impact Halo, a place where I called home for 7 full years of my life. I also regret being inactive this past year (and a half). I got caught up in life during my first year of college but I always thought HIH would be there. Now that is has gone into cryo, I wish I could say my final goodbyes.

It's not possible for me to name all the people that have impacted me. I have made so many friends. It brought a smile to my face, though a tear or two came to my eyes, as I was looking back at the Yap and Blabber and recognized every single name.

I can't thank HighImpactHalo for being my personal sanctuary.

Long live HIH. Long live Yappers. Long live PUG. Long live OrbisSanctum.

I love you all.

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[P.S. For those of you who always made fun of my prepubescent voice, it's gone now. ]

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