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HIH Times interview: Duelies! - 07-11-2006 , 03:20 AM

Well after being lazy--- I mean uh, busy with life and important stuff, Taso of the HIH Interview Staff finally hits us with an awesome interview of one of our own best tricksters! Kicking off the new forum's first interview is Taso's interview with none other than Duelies, one of Campaign's finest! So take some time, grab a can of pop, sit back and relax while you learn more about this amazing trickster. Well done Taso and Duelies! :D -POTS

Taso: Duelies! Buddy! Taso here from the High Impact Halo Times. I've come to get the scoop on the man.... the man behind the ACTION!

Duelies: Okay.

Taso: Tell us a bit about yourself, if you could.
Taso: Where you're from, your "story."

Duelies: I'm from Maine.
Duelies: Southern Maine.

Taso: What's your general upbringing? What kinda' folks do you have?

Duelies: Do you mean like siblings parents and that kind of stuff?

Taso: All of it.

Duelies: Well I don't want to get too personal but I live with my mother and her fiancee.
Duelies: I'm heading towards my 2nd year of college next at the the university of Southern Maine.

Taso: Funderful. So how did you come to be a HIHer? What made a campus man go nerdy?

Duelies: Well I've always been nerdy. And I've been visiting HIH since before I went to college.
Duelies: I discovered Halo tricking on Xbox live. I didn't really have much of a clue about it until I saw some people on Xbox Live doing some tricks in multiplayer. I become fascinated with doing all these tricks and glitches, I just wanted to do them all the time.
Duelies: I then got some advice from a friend on Xbox Live to go visit HIH. I went there and saw some pretty sweet multiplayer tricks and glitches.

Taso: Well, HIH is pretty amazing.

Duelies: At first I was just doing multiplayer, but then it got pretty boring and I started watching some campiagn vids like a ghost to the DH temple and a tank to the scarab in Metropolis. At that point I figured I would give them a try and found them to be very fun.

Taso: And thus, one of the most prominent campaign trickers out there was born, eh?

Duelies: Over the summer I gained some great campaign tricking skills and I had a bit of a reputation at hih. I was having so much fun, I just kept doing campaign tricks and the more I did them the better I became and bigger my reputation was.

Taso: That's generally how it works. Do more, get better.
So what's your favorite trick done to-date?

Duelies: I dont know, there are so many. But my top three that I've done are Wraithmania, Extreme Box Launching, and the vehicle collection on top of the scarab gun bridge.

Taso: All classics... Do you think Bungie did a good job protecting their game from glitches? Or do you think they purposely left some in?

Duelies: I don't think they left them there on purpose because they wouldn't have just taken them out later. But I just think the game was rushed and they didn't have time to test out their game to the full extent.

Taso: Yup. Everyone thinks it was rushed.
Taso: So what's your favorite part of Halo 2? Campaign? Split Screen? Xbox Live?

Duelies: Well I like everything(except for the stroyline). But campaign is my favorite. I also love doing tricks with other people on Xbox Live and playing some matchmaking as well.

Taso: What don't you like about the storyline?

Duelies: You play as the arbiter. You should only get to play as the Cheif. That and the ending... You know what everyone else hates about it.

Taso: Abrupt and inconclusive?

Duelies: Yes

Taso: It is a problem. Anyhow, continuing on with the other questions;
Taso: What's your favorite trick done by another HIHer?

Duelies: Spectre in the Gondola tunnels by princeofthesword. I tried doing it with a warthog. Let me tell you, it's not easy. I can't believe POTS got all the way to the big room! It's just an amazing accomplishment. (I worked out the details of the trick, but I couldn't have gotten to the top of the Big Room without Skeletor. Thanks for the kind words both of you :D -POTS)

Taso: Yes, POTS is great with his tricks. Sometimes I think he's not human... but then I reason with myself... he just has mad skills.
Taso: What can you tell us about your current project(s) at the moment?

Duelies: Well I'm not doing much but lately I have been doing some pretty sick launches that are going in the campaign collaboration video. I'm gonna' keep those launches a suprise though.

Taso: Ooooh, can't wait. We're all waiting with baited breath.
Taso: I suppose now I should move on to odd, personal questions.
Taso: What's your favorite snack?

Duelies: Doritos nacho cheese chips

Taso: Gooooood stuff, man. Any shout outs you'd like to give for people who've helped you get to where you are today?

Duelies: Well, there are lots of people but the ones who have influenced me the most are POTS, KORHAL, grumpy, DantheMan, Boneho Chane, VShields Ash, and definitely Ducain.

Taso: Good choices there.
Taso: So how long are you planning to continue your tricking?

Duelies: Until I can't think of a trick to do or I get a real life.

Taso: Heh. Alright then. It's been a pleasure, Duelies. You keep up your... fanatical trickery.

Duelies: I will.

Taso: And one last question:
Taso: Do you like pie?

Duelies: Only Chocolate Creme Pie.

Taso: Boston Creme Pie?!

Duelies: No.

Taso: Aww....

Duelies: I Dont like boston creme.
Duelies: I'm a picky eater.

Taso: Pshaa... weirdo. Well, that's all the time we have. From the High Impact Halo Times; Taso AWAAAAAY!!!!! *proceeds to fly away to the Superman tune*
Taso: Thanks, and have a great night.

Duelies: I will. See ya'.
Duelies: Thanks for the interview.


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