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Halo just keeps spinnin' baby - 10-11-2010 , 06:29 PM

Ok, so I was AWOL (on purpose) over the weekend, and logged back in today to find that I've missed some Halo 1 goodness, so time to pass it along to the 13.6 people that still check the front page here at HIH.

First, remember WAY back when scurty presented that excellent video exploring the Maw? That's right - the news post below this one. Well, he's back with even MORE, and it's just too good not to see. He makes it look easy, but that type of exploration is very difficult. Stop by for a peek.

Secondly, BigGruntyThirst detached himself from the food nipple long enough to post a new Halo 1 'variety vid' of sorts. He calls it Recycle Bin (loads of clips that didn't make it into other videos), but I'm pleased this material didn't make to file 13, because it's great. Not only some exploration, but he squeezes covies into many places they were never meant to be.

Hm, I'm quitting before this post gets weird(er). Just watch the vids, will ya?

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