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Usefull tips, trick, glitches, and tutorials

You heard it here folks, I will be adding various films, tutorials, and hopefully some pictures to this post to help you get the most out of your launching experiences.
*********************************** **********************

No Falling Death:
This is a very helpfull trick/glitch dicovered by Ms. Man, and KORHAL. KDproductions signiture trick, no fall timer.
To do this, you will need the autoupdate removed from your xbox. That means, if you have xbox live, or any of the new maps via the Map Pack, nu-uh. Sorry, it won't work with the patch. If you want to learn how to remove the patch from your xbox, see The Usefull Tutorial sticky, near the bottom.

If you do not have the patch, then good for you, we can begin! For this, we will need either at least one Warthog, or one Spectere, and another vehicle(optional) that you wish to be un-fall timed in. Also, one Energy Sword, and any other weapon. However, if the other weapon is a long range weapon(I.E. Rocket Launcher) then that can come in handy.
To do this, get in the sideseat of either a Warthog or a Spectere with your sword in hand. Now, depending if you are on single player or coop, your difficulty with completing this task will vary. What you need to do, while in the side seat of the vehicle, lunge, not the B button, but lunge at an enimie when the reitcule is red. You will hear a strong slash sound, that's good, now; don't get out of the 'Hog. If you do, you will go flying out, which is called sword flying. Any way, as long as you are in the sideseat like that, you are immune to death by falling. But you can't drive, so that's not much fun. So if you want to learn how to be un-fall timed in a driveable vehicle, then keep reading.
Now that you are in the side seat, if you get out, you will go flying. You have to fly into another vehicle, that's the trick.
"But Terminator, when I get out, I hardley go anywhere! How do you expect me to fly all the way to another vehicle?!"
You see Jimmy, if you are still in the sideseat, as in, the 'Hog hasn't moved, when you get out, the sword fly will last as far as a normal lunge.
"Damn you."
Don't worry Jimmy, you can still do it. To make your flight longer, move your position farther away from the lunged at enimie. It does not have to be killed, but you can if you would like. But since you can't drive, either you coop partner, or allie has to. Or, you can move yourself with the aid of explosives like grenades. When you get far enough away, your flight will become long enough for you to fly into a vehicle.
"I love you."
Keep it in your pants.
"Curses, you lied to me! When I flew at the vehicle, it didn't give me a message allowing me to get into the vehicle. WTF?"
Because you are "lunging" the message won't be displayed for some reason. In order to get in, park it right in front of the side seat. Then get out, aimed at where you get in at. As you get out, you have half a second to get into the vehicle, so hold X during that window to get in.
"Thanks mister! I am going to drop a Ghost off of Mt. Halo!"
You'll shoot somebody's eye out...have fun!

Do you recall when I said having a long range secondary wepon would help? Well now I'll tell you why. If your familiar with the super lunge, then you should know the right button combos to do it, right? If not, while your gun's reticule is red, press Y then R very quickly. You will fly at the enimie with tremendous speed. You can do this within the side seat of the vehicle you're in. The only thing is, you will not fly out. It is like the other lunging, but just lunging from a distance. It acts just like the sword fly when you get out. It is helpfull, because it increases your flight time, because you are farther away from the lunged at enimie.
No, just fun.:)

The Thunder Storm Skull:
Yeah, another skull. What is helpfull about this skull, is that it turns all enimies into special opps troops. That means that Elites will have swords, making it easyer to perfrom the trick above.;)

Get your friends in on the action:
When launching, if you can, it is recommended to have some allies in the vehicle, if possible. The more light mass, the lighter it becomes. So if you only have a few nades, need more hieght, get some budies to get in/on the vehicle, and see how much a difference it will make.:)

Other Usefull videos:
As time ticks by, still I try...
Sword flying.
Grenade pile making.
Launching for Dummies Vol. 1.
Elite Grunt's launching basics tutorial

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