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Well, these things happen. :|

EDIT BY DUKE: Let's remove the commentary of what members think should or should not have happened here, or we'll never have a positive experience.

Been here on & off since November 2004, just before the V1/V2 turnover. Came here for the Halo 2 skull discussion on the recommendation of someone from the forums (I carried over my username from there), stayed for the totally crazy off-topic section. Only banned one time for contributing to a spam thread.

Best part of this place: The moderators aren't like policemen. They're just like you & me, but with a little more responsibility. I've NEVER been to any other forum with such an awesome attitude...

Second best aspect: Boundless creativity. On the tricking side, it's a wonder y'all aren't members of Bungie's testing squad. On the off-topic side, wonderful technical advice and enchanting graphic design.

Many good posters left in recent times, but those who stuck around kept me coming back time & time again...

I never contributed anything of note besides a failed petition and some long music lists, as tricking turned out to be much too time consuming. But I still had tons of fun. even though I couldn't be with the heart of the community.

I MUST give thanks to my favorite members...

#1 - princeofthesword

He liked everybody, and everybody liked him. I hope he isn't suffering too much.

#2 - Tspoonami

Closest to my own personality - attracted to the arcane & addicted to fun!

#3 - DollarPwnCenter

This guy made the best entrance to the tricking scene EVAR: Launching to the top of the AotCR pinnacle!!!

#4 - Daleks United

Best tech support, period!

#5 - Frogblast

'Nuff said.

#6 - Ducain

One of the coolest site admins in the whole history of the web, and his tricks ain't bad either!

#7 (cool number!) - KORHAL

Pure, unadulterated ***COOLNESS***.

I wasn't here for the start, but I'll be here at the end.

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