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Text Tutorial

This is a very very simple glitch, but can be very very time consuming, unless you get lucky. All you have to do is clone many many oddballs, hundreds...of oddballs. Now, all this does is allows you to de-load objects on the map, but once you get the right amount, and do the necessary thing, you will perform some very cool Glitches. For now, I am just going to list the glitches, and what is needed to perform them, and in what stage they occur.
Originally Posted by Q and A
How do you clone oddballs?

1. Get weaponless
2. Throw all the oddballs you have in a corner while holding in the R button
3. Have the host leave
4. When you get out of blue screen, there will be a pile of replicated oddballs in front of you.

Stage 1: This is where you will notice a slight amount of lag when looking at the oddball pile, and some objects of the map will de-load when looking at them from a certain angle.

Stage 2: This is where you will notice a Moderate amount of lag, and most of the objects will de-load. In this stage you can perform these following glitches:

1. Invisible Player - This works best by just having Host die when you have enough oddballs on the map. If done correctly, host will respawn, but remain dead to others.
1a. Automatic Gauss - This occurs when an invisible player enters a gauss turret, and fires while someone is in driver.

2. Zombie - This is done by having a client die, and remaining in a Black "Respawn in 0 Seconds" screen. Though, he will respawn for Host and sometimes other clients. Since he is both dead and alive, the Zombie has only limited animation, and he can only; Move, Turn, Jump, Crouch, and Lower their weapon.

3. Deathcam without Lives - This is a direct variation of the "Zombie" Glitch, but instead of in a Black screen, he has a deathcam where he can see their teammates. The player cannot see himself though, but can still control theirself, so you can create some cool scenes such as the one in Dementia where schmo hovered around Relic.

Stage 3: This stage is apparent when you notice significant amounts of lag, and certain animations becoming delayed. Within this stage you can perform:

1. Invisible Vehicles - This occurs when enough oddballs are on the map to keep the vehicle from respawing, though Host will be able to see it and on rare occasions, a client.
1a. Weaponless - This is done by having host in an invisible vehicle, and pushing "Y".
1b. Infinite Ammo - This is done when Host is in an Invisible vehicle, and shoots, it will continue untill it seemingly runs out of ammo, but when host exits the vehicle, he will have the same amount as when he started, then all he has to do is repeat the process
1c. Instant Replication - This is done by having a client invisible, and having him enter an Invisible Vehicle. Then, anything that is touched by his vehicle, will become instantly replicated.
1d. Teleportation - This is done by having host in an invisible vehicle, and then traveling somewhere and getting out.
1e. Floating - This is done by having host enter an invisible vehicle, and jump continuously. He will then float smoothly until interuption.

Stage 4: You will know that you hit this stage when some projectiles do not appear when shot, and when most of the oddballs dissappear when looking at them.

1. Standing on Turret - This is done by having someone operate the turret, both vehicle and stationary. When done correctly, host will see them or himself floating behind the turret. When done by host, he cannot exit the turret until flipped or gaurdian glitched.

2. Random Time Stoppers - This was not featured in the video, as we could not do it as consistently as we felt needed, but we did do it on a few occasions. We believe that this is mostly done by having host look at the oddball pile, untill the shots are slowed to nearly completely stopped, then having host leave. This worked only a few out of many tries, so there is a variable that we do not yet know.

Stage 5: You hit this stage when you can no longer shoot, throw grenades, or clone anymore oddballs. The glitches performed in this stage are:

1. Weaponless Vehicles - This will just cause any vehicle that respawns, to not have a weapon. If it has a turret, it will be removed, but ghosts and banshees just loose the reticule, and the ability to shoot. When doing this, you must just destroy the vehicles, and if done right, it will respawn without a weapon. Host is the only one that can see the weaponless vehicles.

2. Spawing Weaponless - This is just caused by someone dying, and if enough oddballs are present, they will respawn without a weapon.

*In this stage, you cannot shoot, throw grenades, or clone any oddballs. Player respawns can take up to 25 Minutes, and vehicles respawns can take up to 2 Hours. If you wish to shoot, or throw grenades, you mut remove something from the map, we found that picking up grenades and killing the vehicles before the grenades respawned worked quite well. If you believe something will not respawn, you can destroy or remove stuff from the map untill it does spawn. This varies based on the map, and the number of oddballs needed will be varied aswell.*

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