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01-13-2014 , 11:09 AM

Originally Posted by flechette View Post
To put this all into perspective, I had to go back, I had to see just how long this question of how to get in has been around. The first post I could find with the question in the title was this one, posted by guns_n_cars on Nov 12, 2004, 3 days after Halo 2 was released. There were already trick videos being posted. 40 megabyte videos were considered large, and streaming video was almost always out of the question. Youtube wouldn't exist for another 4 months.

Let that sink in. We've wanted to see this since before Youtube.
Heh. Mythica hadn't yet emerged as our dominant video platform. We still had a picapic vs putfile thing going on and one of those ended up in a little fiasco. Good times.

In any case in the absence of Lone Starr finishing another ancient challenge, Two Johnsons on a single BBT, what trick is next? What the next powerful behemoth to be felled by the great and mighty Halo tricking community?

Years. YEARS. That's what I've given this site. It's been hilarious and maddening, mind numbing and thought provoking, moments of astonishment and headaches. The best thing this site has given me one the best community on the 'net. HIH will always be unparalleled.

Thanks for everything, you will be sorely missed.