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09-09-2007 , 02:45 PM

Originally Posted by TalkiestWinner
I'm just saying it will be much easier to get up on top of that thing on valhalla and other things, not for cheating like a gay bxr.
nah nah. not sayin' nothin' against ya, just when you have a glitch like this in the game, especially one that people can learn after about 20 minutes of practise and then can perform it like a natural reflex, is just the foundation of weapon glitches. Weapon glitches ruin the game. unfortunaley this is the case-- i too love getting up on high towers (although I was never very good at it) but it'd take more skill, to launch up on one, rather than use something like bxb, plus in MM, no one has time to perform launches so there can be no disadvantage in games in MM...and if a team has time to launch up, well then it's the other teams fault for sucking so bad and they deserve to have a high disadvantage :p