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12-12-2010 , 03:20 PM

Originally Posted by zelotajino3 View Post
ok, i'm back with my first tutorial, it's a FOR FUN
i'm sure that you know other way for best place, best checkpoints and other
and you can do that where you want. (but for start i did it on DH)
skull to activate
black eye

and for who can't see that on YT : filefront file here : first tutorial.wmv

for some english errors in the video, tell me i will change it with the correct version

tell me if you want the tutorial for the heretic in the top
That was a solid tut so no, I can't think of a better way to set it up, it was perfect. Not many people besides you and I regularly switch vehicles for 'no fall-time' and 'swordflying' purposes. I've never died while launching in swordfly mode and it might be the same when just fall-timed but I'm not sure on that.

In fact, I don't bother with BE if I know I want to SF after a vehicle launch, I believe we are invincible while poised to fly.

Tip; put this tut in your variety vid topic and yes, pls make a tut for the Heretic. If you put both tuts in your original topic of your variety vid I'll submit it for FP.

The setup was immaculate. My philosophy is 'the devil is in the detail of the setup' so we see eye-to-eye on that, I think. Perfect setup = perfect trick/glitch imo. I enjoy tuts more than any other type of vid because I like to examine the thought processes of the person doing the setup.