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No Enemy Has Ever Withstood Our Might - 01-13-2014 , 11:39 PM

I never thought I would be able to post a comment on High Impact Halo. After so many of my friends welcoming me into the online tricking scene around 2011 I kept hearing the legends of HIH and how amazing it was. Now, 4 years later I am here after completing the big bad cairo cutscene room and I humbly thank each an every person that made this what it was, and for the diehards who kept the passion to trick and explore this game alive well after cryo.

This was a monumental task. The hours I spent researching the room and everything that went into this project are countless. Long hours down dead end paths were routine. I read old threads, looked for hours on YT for videos, and most importantly worked with all of my friends and those willing to help. I was the physical vessel for this, but all of you were the spirit and will driving me. One man playing a video game alone in his room is one thing, but the presence of hundreds of creative and talented friends and fans rooting for him is so much more. That meant everything to me, knowing that you all were watching.

I am looking back on my time with this crazy game and how much it has been an amazing part of my life. A 21 year old kid goes on a killing spree with a shotgun on Ivory Tower, and 8 years later he gets into a room not accessed before by anybody for almost 10 years. You cannot escape your destiny.

I am crushed to have missed the golden HIH years, but waking this sleeping giant from it's slumber for showing the best trick I will ever do may have been worth it. As I type these words I'm still standing in the room staring at the other player, hearing the quiet explosions outside the station. Funny thing is, all I did was get into an empty room, but we all know what it is really in here.

My brother was the other player running around the hangar with me. He literally had never picked up a controller to play Halo before and the first, and only thing he did was run around in this room. He quickly asked, "How do you get out?"