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HIH Lottery Winners Read about the poor souls who've won the HIH Lottery.
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HIH Lottery Winner 10/14/07: Austrianswat! - 10-13-2007 , 11:24 AM

This week's winner is Austrianswat. Here's what he has to say:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My Gamertag is Austrianswat. The name? I don't exactly know where it comes from. I wanted to call myself The Austrian, but someone already had it. Then it came to my mind that Austria has the worlds best rated Special Unit. And because I'm the world's best player :P i thought it would be a good idea to call myself Austrianswat.
And we have a clan calle Austriansquad, so if you are good and you are from Austria join us.

My rl name is Martin Meusburger and i live in a small village with about 1800 inhabitants in Vorarlberg/ which is part of the wonderful state of Austria (not Australia, we have no kangaroos here ;) ).

I'm 18 years and i've just completed my A levels (dunno if it's really A levels cause our education system is a little bit different from yours)

More about myself:
I've got a pet, it's a cat and it's pretty fat.
My favorite food is Cheesefondue and "Flambeéd in redwinesauce sauted beefstripes"

Favorite Movie? "HEAT" (with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro) and of course "LOTR" and "The importance of not being seen (halo edition)"
My favorite video game besides Halo is probably GTA San andreas and the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

My greatest hobbie is Snowboarding and it's a shame that nobody filmed my horrible crash when i was 14 and broke my upper arm. I'm sure it would make it to scarred as a most froodlenutzkieed up clip of the day.
Besides i like to swim, go cycling, hicking hang out with friends and of course own in halo.

2. How did you find High Impact Halo, and when? What keeps you coming back? Do you have any suggestions for us to improve the site?

I found highimpacthalo by searching for someone who did the same stuff on halo delta as i and my friend did. We did manage to get off the level with out anyone helping us. Before i found hih i had no clue that halo2 is such a buggy game ^^.

I always like to come back to hih to look for the newest tricks because i can't stand it if someone can do a glitch for example bouncing and i don't know how to do it.

Improvments? Give HIH mor power, more might and more money.

3. What is it that you like about Halo tricks, and what kind of tricks are your favorite to do or see?

The best moment in tricking is when you've completed your trick and a child asks you... How did you do that? OH my god you are so imba. You are soooooo gooood. Can i be your friend. And you say no.
My favorite trick to do myself is possibly Bouncing. But i really enjoy to se complicated multiplayer tricks. One of my favorite Glitching videos is Mesmerzie by Hold X to Trick.

4. Have you discovered any Halo tricks or glitches yourself?

I can proudly say that i am the owner of the dirt in Sansibar. I don't know how it happened but i have it on vid. Here you go.

(sry don't have a capture card)

5. What's your favorite part of Halo 3 so far? What about your least favorite?

My favorite Part of halo3 is in the second level (Crows Nest i think it's called in English) The part when they won't let the marin into the ammo chamber.
A:"I don't know the parol"
B:" Sry that's not the parole"
A:" No i mean it seroious i don'T know the parole"
B:" You nearly got it try again"
A: "God damm it let me in"
B:"But what if you are a Brute"
A: "Do i sound like a Brute?, Let me in!"
B:" But what if you've been imprisoned by the brutes and now have deserted ?"

Then i went away.
Worst part? The first vid when they explain why MC survived his jump. Oh i'm sure the gel coat lessened the impact.... O.o

6. What's your overall opinion of Halo 3? Like it? Dislike it? So awesome you can't put it into words?

I think halo3 is good but it's not as good as i expected it to be. In fact some things are just screwed up.
First of all every boon can get to level 50 now.
In halo2 when i played against someon who had level 36 i knew he is better than me. That's not the case anymore. I also dislike the boosting. I don't to it myself but i know too many who do it.
And of course ShootySnipes. Why add a Shotgun? Every boon can kill you with a shotgun. And that's what all boons do... They camp in the base with the shotgun.

Of course there are also good parts about halo3. E.g the different armor tpyes, the items, the new weapons, the levels, gametypes etc.

The one thing that changes the whole game is that you start with the AR. In Halo 3 it's not that important that you are imba (like in halo2 where you could own the whole team if you were good) In Halo 3 Teamwork is important. It's true Teamwork became so important in halo, you can't win a team slayer without a good team.

7. Hilary clinton would you? ;p (That's from last week's winner. We don't know what it means either, so make of it what you will. :-))

XD Lol ... hmm don't know. Could be my first step into politics and could be very helfpful to reach my aim of World Domination.

No of course not :D

8. If you could ask the next lottery winner one question, what would it be?

Which of those would you prefer?

A: Getting smacked up by Mr T. every day for at least 1 hour.
B: Only being able to play Wii, and nothing else and at least 4 hours a day.
If i was you i'd take A.

9. Do you have any other thoughts, musings, or pearls of wisdom that you'd like to share?

Don't walk on the grass, smoke it.
Keep it real and come to Austria for your skiing holiday.

Thanks for you attention.
- Austrianswat

Ps: pls excuse all spelling and grammer mistakes. English isn't my native language.
In this case Servus

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10-13-2007 , 11:52 AM

HEAT = awesome.


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10-13-2007 , 01:47 PM

So much Austrian slang and/or weird typos.

/Me is confuzzled

Oh well, Gratz on your win.



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