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Exclamation Hat Trick videos...are MISSING! - 06-20-2008 , 06:32 PM

Please take a look through your massive piles of random halo videos as we continue the search.

Oh and we also have a hint telling us Hat Trick did something with Wraiths outside of Containment. Keep an eye out for that as well. ;)

Roadsmash - August 10, 2005
The video shows various vehicle tricks and stunts, it's about 10 minutes long and a good watch. It took a lot of filming, editing and cooperation to put together.
Video Missing | Forum Thread

The Oldies: Blood Gulch - August 30, 2005
This video takes place only on the Halo 1 Multiplayer level Blood Gulch, and shows many of the tricks that can be done on it.
Video Missing | Forum Thread

SS Launchers: Insanity - September 11, 2005
In this episode of Jester's many SSL videos, "backwards launching" is introduced. Like always in this series, many cool spots are reached.
Video Missing | Forum Thread

The Oldies 2: Telebumping and More - October 3, 2005
This time, Jester shows many of the things are a possible with telebumping.
Video Missing | Forum Thread

Warthog out of Containment - October 20, 2005
In this video, Choonqpeed and friends get a warthog out of Containment. Warning, a lot of skill is required to accomplish this. >.>
Video Missing | Forum Thread

Your help is much appreciated as finding these videos will finish up their trick video archive.

Ghost Faction
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06-21-2008 , 07:12 PM

Temporarily sticking this for maximum exposure

Also, any of Jester's SS Launching videos will be greatly appreciated

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06-25-2008 , 03:22 PM

You should just release the archive and keep this up and maybe move to H2 MP or something. Might get more attention somewhere else. I DUNNO.

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06-25-2008 , 04:50 PM

Just another reason I need to be on the archive team. One or two guys working isn't cutting it.

Luckily guys, I still have some of these videos saved from when I made this archive.

Whoever needs to contact me, PM me so we can figure out how we're gonna upload them and such.



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