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Locout dummying glitch? - 10-26-2009 , 01:57 AM

I just started playing halo 2 some again and stopped by to see if anything cool and new has been posted. I was a little disappointed but got reminded of a glitch i found but never really told anyone about. I'm not sure if it has been posted either so i'm hoping someone could tell me.

It works better on-host i think and ill do my best to explain how to do it.

All you need to to is walk out of first floor sniper tower on lockout towards glass. There is those small railings on the walkway between glass and sniper tower. Jump up on the left or right hand rail and walk towards the small corner that forms between the angled glass wall and railing. While looking down and keeping the inside foot on the railing as little as possible without slipping off, crouch walk forward into the wall for a while. This should cause your body to dummy off the edge and there should be no one crouching in the corner any more on another persons screen. So you can sit in that spot and grenade people/shoot without being seen at all.

If i wasn't very clear i could explain it better with some pictures. I just want people to know about this dummying technique if it isn't known already. Not that anyone would really care though...


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