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Sarge...and Sarge - 07-14-2006 , 10:42 PM

Reunion Tour, with Sarge...and Sarge?

I decided I would go back to Halo 1, and to the level Halo, for a trick that I've wanted to put together for some time. I'm glad I did, because I had a blast. =)

The goal was to get two (2) Sgt. Johnsons down to the bottom of the level Halo.

In order to pull this off, I had to bypass the entire first map on foot, without fighting any of the battles. I continued on foot down to the lightbridge area, and across to the second map.

Once I finally walked all the way to the second map, I had a few things to accomplish. First, I needed to defeat two areas of covies so that I could get two warthogs. Secondly, I needed to snatch Sgt. Johnson and keep him alive. Thirdly, I had to gather a group of marines to use for nades.

I got the two hogs together, and stored the Sgt, along with my marines, in the tunnel. Then, I assembled my nade pile down at the lightbridge gap. I actually had to do this entire process a few times before I managed to get Sgt. Johnson to spawn. Whew.

After everything was setup for the jump, I had to wade through over 100 jumps to get it done. Keep in mind that both the Sgt and myself had to make it across the chasm alive. That takes some doing, but finally we made it.

After we finally blasted across, we drove back up to the first battle area and picked up the first Sgt. that I left there.

Then, with both Sarges in the hog, I drove up to the top of the level, where I got a checkpoint that allowed me to make my attempts at getting down to the bottom. After quite a few tries, down we went.

Finally, I got the Sarges together down there for some beauty shots. =)

Video Links: Large Version (25MB) / Small Version (11.5MB) / HIH Mirror

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