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The Campaign SuperBounce Montage Database - 07-25-2010 , 01:22 AM

Hey guys thought I would compile this to show alot of the work people put in to find some sweet bounces to cool places. Thanks.
Feel free to add ones I missed!

Ownyoursouls Campaign Bounce Tage:

Highlights: Some pretty sweet bounces on some of the maps. A few get to some good spots!

I H e R o H I's Huge Bounce Tage:
Part 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUM-1...eature=related

Part 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJsxI...eature=related

Part 3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh7oHPapAeo

Highlights: Tons of bounces on all the maps. Lots of hooches and even a few monster bounces! Also a few get to some unexplored spots!

Hyperspeed729's 4 Level Campaign Bounce Tage:


Highlights: Some good bounces and a monster slant from a good bouncer.

Team BBR's Campaign Bounce Insanity:


Highlights: Awesome bounces. NO fall timer so they reach some awesome places!

UnwantedSavior's Campaign Bounce Montage:


Highlights: Lots of cool bounces to some cool spots.

Team CLXB's No Limit 3 Campaign Bouncing:


Highlights: Some awesome bounces to awesome spots! A really good clan making a really good montage.

Invalid Geom: BSP Conversion Montage:


Highlights: Lots of cool bounces and some monsterbounces by modding off the fall timer!

Air Legends Campaign Bounce Montage:


Highlights: Some sweet bounces to some sweet spots.

Bounce FX's Campaign Bounce Montage:


Highlights: Lots of cool bounces to good spots by a good clan.

Aqua's Campaign Bounces:


Highlights: Some cool bounces in here to get to some sweet spots.

Aqua's Campaign Superbounce Montage:


Highlights: A longer, better one than the first one.

Team CLXB Campaign Bouncing:


Highlights: Some sweet bounces by a really good clan.

Xlax007 In General:






Highlights: An amazing campaign glitcher. Some of my favorites of his above. Check out his channel.

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07-25-2010 , 07:03 PM

very nice. not sure where to start. do u still bounce in xbc?

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07-25-2010 , 07:20 PM

these are so sick.


didn't I make another Campaign video? I can't remember but I thought I did and I don't know what it's called.

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07-26-2010 , 12:48 AM

no I dont do xbc but idk captain I will look later. Captain, I found and added another CLXB one.


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